3 Some, 4 Some, More than 4? – Solution Solved – click onto the link and Surprise!!!


Two…. have a Three some… or Not to have a 3 some… or you could have a Gang Bang!!


NO Arguements…

Welcome Sex Dolls…

No fear of jealousy, runaway bride with the new Boy doll!!

Sheesh.. then the wife doe3nt get accused of being a Slut right!!!

Then the husband wont get accused of being Metro-sexual

(seriously stupid in my opinion)

Husband wont use it in a Arguement..

You have the hots for John our New Doll.. go ahead I will divorse you if you do run of with Mr Plastic???? WTF???

But, he is your Best Friend honey… lol.. mother of God!!

He isnt my friend we don’t speak to each other

anymore and we know whose fault that is??

Errr, honey, he is a doll and is made of silicone…what on earth are you talking about??

(he,he,he, moments of laughter is about to hit my lips)

Love this idea.. at least I wont be the one accused of liking a blow of doll and told that my husband fears the silicon body structure of his torso… (seriously)

Or buy a few.. then Group sex will be just dandy… however, who is going to make them move??

Oh gee, honey I thought you had the answer for everything!

HA! Dear god… to have an open mind… is it an Urban Myth??

New Age Sex Dolls – Click here




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