Finding the “Pot of Gold, in your Life”



Hardship and challenges are quintessential parts of the human experience, yet suffering is more optional.



The turbulent times in our lives are an invitation to lift our consciousness, make choices about our perceptions and be the alchemist of our life.

  • Alchemy simply put, is the intention to transmute something of perceived lesser quality to a more noble and great quality – like turning stone to gold.

We are called to investigate where we move into judgement, and categorical thinking of right or wrong, and bring responsibility for how we choose to perceive life’s events.

This kind of black and white thinking applied to the world, to people and ourselves contributes to feelings of anger, anxiety, blame, fear and self-loathing.

The opportunity found in life’s challenges, is to acknowledge the presence of these emotions, whilst also turning our hearts to the potential blessings and gold, knowing that they will surely come.

The alchemical path has a few methods to support you in creating a golden and shimmering life, you can begin with;

‘Feel the feeling, don’t tell the story’

Emotions and feelings come and go like the weather, bringing with them an ever changing blend of sunshine and storms.

In the company of uncomfortable and painful emotion, it is important to be aware of what thoughts, stories, judgements and assumptions we attribute to the feelings and emotions we are experiencing.

If we believe the unhealthy or unhelpful thought processes, we can prolong our suffering by perceiving events, the future or even people as bad and unwanted. We move into the head and away from the heart, turning our backs on possibility.

Practice holding your thoughts and beliefs lightly, like you might hold a feather in your hand.

After all, our thoughts are based on perceptions, and the goggles we wear in life are based on our belief systems, which have been inherited, accumulated and sometimes forced onto us through past experience.

These thoughts then, aren’t necessarily the truth of the event occurring in the present moment.

Falling into the trap of believing that unhelpful thoughts are true or wise, is like creating a dead end in your experience.

Use your breath as a support in navigating through challenging emotion, by expanding the breath deep into the lungs, exhaling longer to release accumulated tension.

The breath is your sacred anchor to the present moment, keeping you out of your mind and connected to infinite doors of possibility.

Look for the blessings around the corner

This can be a real feat when the heart and/or ego are suffering after a personal loss or hurt. There can be a temptation to hold onto the hurt, as a way of honouring our suffering and not approving of the ‘wrong doing’ of others.

But by being curious and looking for the blessings, you are learning to hold space for both the pain and the possibilities in your awareness.

This does not imply the hardship did not invite suffering into your life, it simply means you are also prepared to look for the gold in your life.

There is a rolling movement in life.

An eternal blossoming and expansion, moving from one shade of colour to the next, sometimes the darkest indigo, to lightest white.

If in the wake of hardship, we are willing to unveil the gifts, opportunities and personal developments that may arise, the harder events in our lives can become more palpable, perhaps even sweet.

Invite yourself, by asking …I wonder what miracle will come from this storm?

I often wonder myself – did I invite disaster, anger, hostility or does it appear because of hardships we go through?

“Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.”


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