Your Body thrives on Pleasure

Over the last two years I have had the pleasure of growing and understanding myself letting go of my past emotions and realising that we all walk a path in our lives that does not have to define us.

Recall that old saying… “you cannot pick your family”, well, that is very true but, some of us love and adore our families and some are distant, some of us see them everyday, and then you have those that don’t talk to each other.

This my friends is just life we are born, we grow, then we become teenages, our hormones, head space, among other parts of our bodies start a journey to becoming an adult full of lust, love, fantasies, some of us dream of unlimited possibilities, thrills, spills, chills, and loads of opportunites if we just allowed our minds to relax and enjoy these wild dreams of excitment.

Now, some are probably going well, I didnt get any of what she is saying above!

Yes, that is correct some of you wont reach all those above but, say if you did, what makes you not start now?  The above thoughts, dreams, are only but, a few there are so many more sizzelling emotions that I have not even put on this page yet…

Let me tell you there are endless sexual possibilities of whatever you want…

all you have to do..

breath and close your eyes and let go… easy right!


Did you know Empowerment is a powerful emotional feeling of strength, this is not just for women both men and women can be empowered emotionally!

There are many aspects to becoming sexually empowered, whatever your gender, and one of the key elements is pleasure.

And the thing about pleasure, is that it’s not a nice-to-have or reward-if-you’re-good. In fact, our bodies thrive on pleasure…

Waking up in the morning smelling a pot of freshly brewed coffee that would make me sprint out of bed let me give you the hot tip!

We must allow ourselves to be “open to our small pleasures” big or small it does not matter the size as all are just as important.

However, True pleasure though, is not about zoning out it’s about being very present within yourself, understanding how that makes you feel and why it makes you feel this, sexual pleasure is in all of us…

Think of Sex too many of us have lost the ability to feel subtle sexual pleasures, we feel it has to be intense or we don’t feel anything.

Even some will go through life never allowing themselves to feel anything why? Well, many reasons, not being able to let go of a past event, what can occur here is then your body, mostly your mind goes NUMB.. and refuses to shift!

…….or they never really meet those special people along your journey that try and teach you something that will make your senses rise up in a way of OMG… I felt something for the first time!!

My suggestion when those talented people do pass you by and offer a lending hand of kindness, take it, take my advise and listen, because you will if you allow yourself to learn something very special and unique about yourself and never let those beautiful lessons ever leave your mind.

I have met some amazing individuals, some not so amazing but, never did I once, ever, learn something from them, you must learn by the good things, the not so good things, and take in by breathing in deeply those AMAZING soulful, moments because those will stay with you until you leave this earth.

As many famous quotes of sitcoms in the early 80’s I recall one from John Cleese, “the Meaning of life”, You don’t just go barreling on down to the clitoris, what’s wrong with a kiss?


Sexual expression, pleasure, desire, are all great forms of human self expression it’s a place where creativity, spontanatity, physical expression, movement and letting yourself feel the aura, smell each others scent and allow your sensors to be free and wild with one another.

I firmly believe that if you dont use it… you will lose it!

My humour is lacking.. and unfortunately I am not as funny as I think or thought I was.. hehehehe

Everything in life is a gift to one another.. never take that for granted always treat it with respect, love and communication with one another because life is too short to ignore those little things that mean the most in our lives.



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