Remember Little Girls with Dreams become Women with Vision…

There seems to be a common problem in today’s society for grown men in their late 40’s to do the most dreadful thing imaginative to our women.

A few months ago I was having a discussion with a friend of mine (same age as me 49 years old) now she told me about her current boyfriend she had known for over 4 years. Now before I tell you this it seems there is a common problem with society of how men should behave I am a very “open sexual women” however, this I have to say I do draw the limit to what I believe should be appropriate and what definately should NOT BE.

I was watching a comedy the other day with my husband and this girl very funny I must admit started talking about Bill Crosby, current problem, which seems to be funny for some reason.. he if you all don’t already know this HUGE STAR back in the 80’s thought it was appropriate to drug his starlettes and then have sex with them!

Now, apparently, this is funny in the Comedy stand up shows to use this as a laughing matter, I have to say, with all my humour, wit, charm, and sunny side up behavior I do NOT!  

Now Mr Bill Crosby apparently did this to over 50 women and claims that he doesnt seem to see what he did was wrong, now go figure!!

They claim on one count that he allegedly gave her pills that paralyzed her and left her unable to resist when he started touching her in his Philadelphia home.

A friend of mine came over yesterday to tell me something simular, in fact she backed it up by showing me video footage of her being drugged then sexually used while she laid there motionless.  (this person in my opinion should be muted and shot – however, regardless of my feelings about this mutant – this matter is being dealt with)

I felt sick to my stomach and I was in shock I had no words, this kind of behavour happens to many women, including me, we chattered about what she wants to do about this Nasty low life.

Moving away from that above for a moment – Trauma, seems to be in both men and women as I chattered to her she told me about his childhood battles as a little boy and I have to say it wasnt a “happy ever after story”.

I wonder just how or why people find it okay to abuse children, boys and men are the ones I believe have deeper secrets I find this sad too we all suffer, we all try and mend our souls and some of us (myself) start journeys to begin the healing and then once they start to heal (me) I then want to help others heal.

Just so you are aware..I never reported that I was drugged this occurred over 20 years ago when I was a single mother, it seems that it is still happening and as I do understand how this potentially hurt you by saying something… My suggestion is to Yell it Loudly, but, very carefully, no-one has the right to hurt you and treat you with such disrespect!

You are worth it!!

Women too often let things slide sometimes those little things that “others” would not think is little end’s up ruining your life if you allow it too.

Trauma , that occurrs to those who have been dealt this little lovely prize has to live with this internally and some of those ladies or girls end up hurting themselves by suicide or substance abuse which is what I did to myself.  This allowed me to feel something that I normally never felt this is because after so much abuse throughout your life you end up being wired a little different that our normal girls/ladies that have not been dealt harshly.

To my Fellow sisters, wise words, if you obey all the rules my lovelies then you will miss out in all the fun!

And….. if they give you the shit’s …kick them in the balls

p.s. only kick the ones that deserve it!!

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