Patterns and Behaviours… I just worked it out.. go figure!!!

Well, that took me a bit of time to process god damn it!!!

However, so glad I can now see it for what ever it was stopping me I really wont bother with that negitive Nelly mindset of madness that I had prior!!!

So, to explain the above jargon.. here goes..

For example:

  • When two people are growing and one says to the other… why is it that we seem to be stuck…Bad behaviour whether its verbal based or behaviour or habit like drugs, alcohol, weight.. if we don’t allow ourselves to change and move forward then we repeat the same pattern.

This then limits our growth .. growth cannot move forward until the pattern changes forward to become a healthier understanding..

OMG…. how stupid of me.. for not seeing this.. bloody hell.. I saw it and I didn’t… go figure..



what is change??

If we search the word ‘change’ in the dictionary we find it’s meaning to be ‘An act or process through which something becomes different.’

A great question to ask our self is

  • ‘How can I be different?’

When we ask this question we’re comparing ourselves to how we are now, to how we want to be in the future and in effect laying the foundations for change to begin.

What stops us from changing?

A question many battles with is…Why can’t I change?

Which actually should state we can change or no ones ever in a pattern really right!

Why do we get stuck with negative thoughts, feelings, behaviours, habits and emotions which serve no purpose and impact on the quality of our lives?

More often than not the answer is stored in our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is responsible for over 90% of our daily behaviour. It’s responsible for behaviours, habits, emotions and desires that are beyond our conscious awareness, they occur without even thinking about them.

Many of us experience issues as if they’re beyond our control.

As if some part of us takes over and makes us do something without really knowing why, whether it’s snacking on foods, developing phobias of suffering from anxiety.

Changing how you behave can appear to be really hard.

On occasions, you may feel stuck and unsure about the right course of action to take.

You may have tried to change previously without success perhaps feeling lost not knowing which direction to take.

Often, it’s that negative inner voice that stops you moving forward and prevents you from making the changes you really want.

Negative habitual beliefs and ways of thinking can drain your motivation, confidence and self- esteem before you’ve attempted to change.

In other words… before you even get it.. its like the conscious mind hasn’t got a grasp of your understanding of it.. then (click of the fingers) it sinks in.. far out.. wow, how exhausting…

How exciting as well…. hmm, go figure… its a bit like saying “what you dont know is what you cant understand or dont know” .. bit confused?

Yeah, so was I … however, not now.. oh dear I really need to hit the gym now.. bugger… lol


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