Be Present … Be Brave… Tell them you Love them… Life is too short!!

Now, let’s look at this one – what we think, isn’t actually what we feel!!

Even I have a problem in feeling vunrable..

and Seeing what is real and what could be..


We are scared to open up because we don’t want to be let down!!

We feel something but, then we try our hardest not too or at least fluff it down because we won’t allow ourselves to be hurt!!

I get it.. I do it.. I have always done it!!


Don’t be…!!!

We all do it

I have been there with my heart and I have hurt terribly with my heart.. so it’s difficult to allow myself to feel or to be brave…


Now watch… this is so true…so many people are in LOVE and Not together… and those who are not in LOVE are together…  be careful that we are not those.. interesting isn’t it… words .. how words are written and how words are said…

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