Men love Sex, Women love the drama or should that say Attention?

Too much work not enough action right?

Women accuse men of being sex-obsessed, thinking with their dicks, objectifying women with a glance.  How rude right!! NOT rude just the fact JACK!!!

Men accuse women of being attention whores, selfie-addicted, narcissists

  • Do they wow, really? how? And where do you think they worked that idea from? Both are as bad as each other don’t you think!

There’s a battle between desire and resentment constantly playing out between the sexes that we have never seen before.

This is caused by two things:

  • A total lack of acceptance
  • And a lack of doing what cums naturally

Listen up Ladies…. this is something you girls will not agree with me on… so here goes nothing…

As long as you expect men to view sex the same way you do, you will be disappointed and resentful.  

  • He never will.
  • He is not wired the same as you are.
  • He is a man and thinks differently that you as a female
  • He loves sex and will never think, feel and be the same as a female
  • He wants you everyway you think he doesn’t
  • His desires are so much more advanced and sexual than us as females..
  • Men love to have quick sex, fast sex, naughty sex, hot sex, non emotional sex, and I could go on and on and on….

And your resentment, disgust, divisiveness of his sexual desires and expressions is a cruel attack on his soul.  Your shaming tactics to turn his glances of appreciation into objectifying stares, to treat all men as rapists who need to learn not to rape and to insist that any relationship is built on your sexual terms only is cruel, abusive and destructive.

Men love sex.  

Men are biologically wired to seek out sex.

They find it pleasurable sexually, mentally and emotionally. It offers them a release to their desire, their frustrations, their emotions while also connecting them deeply with someone they admire and care for.

Treating their desire, the frequency of their desire, the way it is expressed as dirty is making them an enemy to your needs and is causing them to turn to places where they can get their sexual needs met without judgement.

Often that place is the internet YES, this means dirty rotten, beautiful PORN…

A man can choose to seek out as many possible outlets for his sexuality or choose to be monogamous but it is seen as a reflection of the man’s values and lifestyle how he chooses to handle this unavoidable part of his nature.


So, let’s talk about WOMEN.. what do we like…


Women like attention and women are wired to seek it.

 Attention can be sought out in many ways:

  • fame seeking
  • selfie-posting
  • provocative clothing  (personally this is lacking with women these days)
  • creating drama
  • coy flirting
  • make-up
  • Look at me, Look at me.. only (jesus)

There are many ways that women get attention and as with  men who have the option to seek easy outlets for their sexual needs (porn, loose women, multiple partners, one-night stands) or to invest himself in a partner who will meet his sexual needs (and everything on the scale between).

She can seek the attention of many or the attention of her chosen one.

But regardless of how she gets her needs met they are the same.

A woman seeks attention, a certain level of validation.

She wants to be appreciated and to have that appreciation confirmed verbally.

For examples:  these examples are not very pleasant

Ladies you are going to HATE me..

But, we are whore attention bigots.. that love sex and love it just as much as men do.. but, then we do this to them…. which is a BIG NO…. in my book.. sorry had the wrong words.. this is what we want but, then we do the biggest, rudest things to men.. when they do try and be Romantic…. sorry ladies some women especially these days do this to those men that do care…


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