Hidden is a short film about self appreciation, it’s about uncovering some of the thoughts and feelings that make us who we are and seeing that those feelings are beautiful.

Each of the figures are representative of an emotion;

chains represents fear,

crystals is love and affection,

gold is greed/ambition and

flowers is joy/happiness.

We start off with them being all covered in cloth to be synonymous with the idea of not sharing certain feelings or aspects of ourselves, a reflection of how many of us interact in today’s society.

As we progress through the film, we peel back the layers (removing the cloth), revealing what lies underneath is beautiful.

We then show that all these figures create one person, reiterating all these different aspects make us who we are.

Visuals: Sekani Solomon

So, do yourself a favour and cut and paste this masterpiece into google and watch it after you read the above.



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