It’s not all about SEX…it’s about CHANGE

Sex is a beautiful thing however, we have got ourselves stuck in what we call is “Socially Epped Sex” (just made that up)

What is Socially epped sex.. its sex that we talk about… not what we don’t talk about..

Sometimes opening your minds to experiences can and is fun and within a safe environment.

However, you must only do this “if” it is exactly what you desire, want, feel and most of all love for you.

Another thing living isnt all about sex!!!

It is also about living a life full with love and experiencing your own life with strength inside your soul

And then if your lucky enough finding that other like minded people that supports your same mind set.

We must change our mindset – not so easy, but, not that hard really

What is 3 wishes… this page is for people who would rather like to see inspirational posts it’s for younger mothers, people who are having trouble with their family, partners, children, themselves.
If you have anyone that could do with a bit of cheering up or perhaps you know a couple that would like to get some couples help… I can suggest people (well until I am credited unfortunately until that occurs I will refer you to others that can help you)
But, until then I want to be proactive in watching and understanding the right way in how to help with the correct tools.
So, as I am currently studying counselling I can only govern what I see is a healthy environment of encouragement, and maintaining a positive place to go when your feeling low.

I want to forward my studies to Sexology, the reason why I want to do this is because this area SEX, I believe is the most confusing area of our lives as individuals in its self.

I believe that most of us do things because others want us to do them not because we want to do them.

The best type of comminication is being honest, being open to hearing what your children are saying because even though you may not want to talk the talk.

You Must communicate to them that sex is part of living…

And is just as important and sleeping, eating so why hide what we all desire??

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Everything in life we need to understand every experience in our lives is about always allowing ourselves to “learn” every experience, every hurt, every heartfelt emotion is about learning to be the best you can be.
Want to know what “the best you can be” is?

To be happy, to be without feeling bad about yourself, we are amazing unique individuals we are “all” created different NOT one of us are the SAME even TWINS…

I will be researching places you can go around Perth so Events that others businesses that are fun, exciting, different, places for couples to have Romantic Dinners, Air BNB for Summer Holidays.
If you need further help to talk to someone then I would suggest to you who is the best ones to go too.
So, I would love you to join my group or if you know others that may want to have my group in the background and if anything comes up that you might want to refer to friends then you at least have my group in your like list.
This is my group it is called 3 wishes it means.. we should Hope to live a happy loving life with as much laughter…as we possibly can.
Much love Franny
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