So are you up for a Friday Challenge? Keep reading this might interest you!!

So why would you do a contract?

For many reasons to be perfectly honest!

 Imagine your starting work would you not want a written contract outlining everything that you will be benefitting for example:

  • Rate of Pay
  • How long is your Employment
  • Is it re-newable?
  • What are the guidelines that I need to purform my tasks at work
  • What time I start and end that day?
  • Do I get long service?
  • When do I get long service 7 years. 10 years?
  • What is your expectations of me while I work for your company?
  • Do I get commission?
  • On long weekends do I work them or do I have those days off?

The above are questions that really do need to be answered when working for a Employee and there are so many more like Superannuation, do I get an increase after 6-12 months, what if I fall pregnant.. etc… you get my drift





So, let’s say you are getting married  and apart from a Certification of Marriage – stating that your both forever together..(sounds like doom when ppl say that) do you think you need a Contract betwen husband, wife, husband, husband and wife, wife?

Or your not married and have been together since god knows when and your feeling like a bit of fun or excitment or even something to challenge each other sexually or even tease each other by saying I bet you wouldnt do this…………

It is an interesting thought.. and it worked for that stupid nut on 50 shades who demands after she lost her virginity… (I swear the girl should have been casted as a 35 year old with a bit of experience under her belt) anyway…moving on…

But, we never ever do a contract between our own expectations and desires do we?

So, let say we did one of these we will call it fun Contracts between a married couple, what what you put it it?

Remember it is fun and between you and your loved one.. I understand that BDSM, some kinksters, do have contracts which to be honest I actually think it’s a great idea… Do you?

Some people actually make them legal… (not talking about that woeful story about a virgin and a extremely wealthy skinny man that once was a submissive) No offense… but, really a virgin.. don’t get me started on 50 shades of pass me a pillow..

  • Seriously did you think that movie was good?

Sorry, we are not talking about that unrealistic movie that seems to have no end… or beginning.. anyhoo.. Contracts… I think if you have great connection with your partner and it gets hot and steamy in the bedroom, kitchen, oval, car bonate then perhaps making it even hotter by creating a his/her’s, his/his, her’s hers, Contract would be hot as hell right?

Imagine how kinky you two or three or you have an appertite that would rather do crowds then (sorry that wont work sorry, too many oppinions that wont be there next week) Hahaha,

that is actually quite funny

Yeah so, let’s look at idea’s for filling one in…

You could for example have a list of things you might do…. or not.. or maybe… or simply NOT A CHANCE..

However, Firstly I would get a checklist or at least find one on the internet (because lets face it we all do not know everything that could be on a list like this)  I take that back I seem to know all of these.. woops…

So for you two to have some fun both of you should print this one out and both leave the room and then swap it with each other and go through it slowly and have a giggle.. remember this is just fun…

You could have this simple one to start off with 

46fee183dc38080101da285fac06c343 (1).jpg


Or this one that seems to be pretty open to you when or if your ready to go that bit further


Your Friday Challenge…. tonight print the above off and hand it too your partner and go into separate rooms… come out swap and one of you start.. remember you must not argue.. if you do.. you are out!!!!


See it’s Friday night and perhaps those kids are gone to bed.. or you are in an established agreement, relationship, or perhaps you this this is a piece of cake.. try it out tonight with your partner or partners…

You must promise me 1 think NO AGRUEMENTS… that would just be a waste of a good Friday of naughty stuff so…. print the above out or the provided links to your favour and go and have a go…

But, I want to hear from you tomorrow if you did try it?

My questions are:

  • Did you laugh out loud ?

  • What did you both laugh about?

  • Was if fun and would you think about this seriously?

  • What did you both like about it if you “did’ Like it?


Please, respond because I would love to hear if you thought it was fun and why…

I added something else   Yes_No_Maybe  click onto that highlighted area to another check list that you both might prefer

And Have a great FRIDAY




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  1. Lol maybe I’m just way too vanilla but I don’t even know what some of those things are…

    You know I think I am with you… wow, well, google and think if it fits within your box darls… a friend of mine she said.. well, franny you never know plus you would love it… I passed on a gang bang lol

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