Close to 50, then what happens? So, you either 1.. Collect your Seniors Card.. or 2… Join a Swingers club? or 3… Have your own private Fun???

  My choice it would be 3… Have your own type of private fun… then look at other options later.. Remember practice makes perfect in my book… and Let’s face it once you go 3 … oh you know the rest… sheeeeesh do I have to do everything.. sheeeeeeesh




So, those who are close to turning 50, here are the benefits!!!!  Bejesus!!!

OR if you read further you could END up SWINGING

OPTIONS.. SCROLL DOWN you know your want too……..

Turning 50 is a new chapter in your life so make it count!

Is it over the hill or the peak of life?

The benefits of turning 50 can outweigh the negatives if you look for them. And I looked! Here are 10 perks of reaching the half-century mark.

  1. Wisdom. At this point of life, you’ve had 5 decades of experiences. Hopefully you have gained perspective, insight and wisdom. Many 50 year olds begin to share this wisdom verbally with children or write a book to reach a larger audience. The question is…do the youth of today pay attention or will they have to suffer the hard lessons personally? Regardless of the answer, share your wisdom anyhow!
  2. Freedom. Many parents who turn 50 are finding themselves with an empty nest. They now have the opportunity to plan their days to do what they wish instead of being a taxi service, maid, chef, laundress, and general manager of the family schedule. Now, you have the option to have a simple dinner, a tidy house, and more free time to plan your own activities! It’s all about you now.
  3. Inspiration. Due to your increased wisdom and freedom, you may feel inspired to resume a career, switch jobs, knock off items on your bucket list, take a class to learn something new, write a book, champion a cause or take a vacation! The sky is the limit and if not now, when?
  4. Reinvention. Sometimes when hitting 50, you may feel like becoming a new person. Women may radically change their hairstyle, men may go grey or even shave it off! Try some new clothing styles and colors to spice up your attire. If you have your own business, consider re-branding. Allow yourself to shake up your world and experiment with new looks and new directions.
  5. Courage. This is a decade to go for it! Be daring! Get a tattoo (if you have never had one), go on an African Safari, climb a mountain, skydive, and try new things. What do you have to lose? Look for opportunities to taste new food, see a new place and feel a new experience. It’s all about the new!
  6. Improved Relationships. If your parents are still alive, spend time with them and ask them what they have learned in their life. If you have children and they are off to college or beyond, visit them, share your wisdom, find out what their life is like now. You have the ability to be the bridge between two generations and your relationships on both sides can strengthen. See your current friends more and look up ones in which you have lost touch. Find some new friends who have a mutual interest in maximizing this time of your life by sharing adventures.
  7. Love. If you are in a relationship, you may be able to strengthen it with more time and focus. If love has faded, it might be time to re-kindle it. Go to a relationship retreat together or consult a relationship coach or professional. If you are single, this may be the time to start dating again and allowing love back into your life.
  8. Health. If parts of your health have slipped, this is the time to make adjustments. Visit your doctor for a physical exam and blood work and see what needs improvement. Eat better, exercise more, and focus on feeling great so you can enjoy many more decades of a life well lived!
  9. Mastery. At this point in your life, you may be enjoying mastery in your career, sport or hobby. This mastery leads to increased ease, confidence, recognition, rewards, credibility, expertise, position, respect and satisfaction. Savor this place and time in your life and consider mentoring others to share your knowledge!
  10. Purpose. By this time of your life, there may be organizations and charities that touch your heart. You may now be able to funnel your time, attention and money towards worthy causes. Begin to think about what legacy you wish to leave behind you. Give actively now to enjoy making a difference while you can see the results and create a way to keep giving after your death to continue your contribution when you are gone.

These are just a few of the many benefits of turning 50. I encourage you to look for these and more as you reach this magical age. The best is yet to come with the right attitude!


How exciting… we are NOW OF AGE…. give me strength!!!



These are the regular tests usually recommended for most adults over 50 years and many of them can be bulk-billed through Medicare or are available free through various health bodies:

• Blood tests for sugar and cholesterol levels

• Blood pressure

• Bone density

• Breast cancer screening (for women)

• Bowel cancer screening

• Pap test (cervical cancer screening for women)

• Prostate cancer screening (for men)

• Skin check-up to pick up melanomas.

Are you excited  YET?????

But, there is MORE


If you’ve been out of work for more than six months, or you’re an employer, you may be able to benefit from a Restart Allowance. For businesses, the Restart wage subsidy is a payment of up to $10,000 if they employ eligible mature age job seekers for 12 months or more. Mature workers are often very reliable, have more experience and are more stable than some of their younger counterparts. For workers, it’s an opportunity to get a foothold back into the job market.


Far from being places with ‘old’ people playing bingo, communities are springing up all over Australia. They are lifestyle driven, offering leisure activities such as pools, gyms, tennis courts, dance classes, yoga, craft and social gatherings in a community of like-minded people. In fact, many retirement communities are becoming home to many Australians who have not yet retired.


If you have stopped working and never intend to work for more than 10 hours a week. You will have to sign a statement to say this is your intention. You also need to have reached your preservation age, which depends on your date of birth. If you are still working, you can use all or part of your super to purchase a ‘transition to retirement’ pension, which will provide you with a regular income. However, you cannot withdraw your money as a lump sum from this pension until you permanently retire from the workforce, leave your employer after age 60 or reach the age of 65. There are also limits as to how much you can access on a regular basis. Details:

In 2005, the government introduced specific new laws for a phase it referred to as “transition to retirement.” The idea was to make it as easy as possible for Australians to work longer to ease the burden of providing pensions. The “carrot” they offered was the opportunity to start drawing an income stream from super (with some rules of course) as soon as we turn 55, regardless of whether we’re working or not. This meant that people could reduce their employment hours, rather than permanently retiring, because they could replace their reduced income with a super pension. However, what started as an effort by the Government to encourage us to keep working, has since become an extremely effective financial strategy for Australians who continue to work fulltime. By simply restructuring your cashflow to take advantage of salary sacrifice tax savings, and the superannuation income drawdown, you can potentially add tens of thousands of dollars to your savings by retirement. Seek professional advice before embarking on a TTR strategy. Details:


My personal suggestion is to join a SWINGERS CLUB …. or perhaps add you and your partner/husband to a Dating site like I dunno ……

there are others.. and let me say … anyone and anyone are on these sites !!!





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