Men are Really amazing!!

Men, men, men … they are fun to be around, sometimes and yes, I will admit that they have an interesting side to them.

They’re creatures of this land that we just have to live with.

Men and women will never be able to understand one another – no matter how hard we try.

Uh oh! A man and a video camera – where is this going to go?

Well, normally I would say the video camera and something naked to video yes, that is something they would do or would it be that fish in the sea that they would prefer to video???

However, If your man has just got his hands on a video camera, for the first couple of months, you need to lock the bathroom door when you go in there.

You wouldn’t want the film to end with a scream with you on the toilet now would you. Yes, men and their video cameras.

Men like phones, but they don’t want just any phone! It has to be a phone with tons of buttons, even if he does not know what those buttons are for and does not plan on using them – all of those buttons make him feel more important.


They are definately SENSITIVE

Oh yes, men are sensitive, but they won’t let you se it. They have strange ways that they are sensitive.

  • For example, a man goes out and builds a fire.
  • The log does not burn.
  • Oh goodness, the log didn’t burn, now he is going to take it too personally.

They do so love CLOTHING

Men love clothing they are better at finding clothing and they are quicker at deciding what to wear..

They don’t take it as serious as we do.

I have yet to see a man walk through the doors of an event and say “Oh my gosh!

Do you see that guy over there?

He has the same exact tuxedo on as I do! I have got to change.”


No, I am not saying that guys overreact, but I am sure there are plenty out there that do. I am saying that guys hate those type of girls that overreact on everything.



Men love, love, love our soft skin.

If you think that your skin is not one of the major things men love about our bodies, it’s simply not true!
  • Think about it, a man’s skin is typically rough, so they like being able to feel something soft around them when they are cuddling.
  • Keep your skin moisturized with a scented lotion and he won’t be able to keep his hands off you!
  • Go out and pick that slutty lingerie outfit and do yourself a favour.. buy, buy, buy and get your asses into gear ladies and put them on for them.. they adore your efforts… they really do love a chick that loves them.. and even more loves the effort she puts into showing them…


They love to nuzzle there, love to kiss there and absolutely love to press against there.

It is a sexy and unique feature they even love to hold it in their hands as they grip harder and harder.. mainly because you piss them off but, perhaps they do love the kinkier type of foreplay..


And that brings me to the “end of Vanilla”.. with that last bit of a splash of not so vanilla… and that is another story another day… sorry ladies…

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