When finally you hear nothing at the window and a normal person goes..

A lovely night was spent however, while my brain seems to have “minions” going “hmm, why is it that your not hearing anything?”

What I should do is praise the lord but, instead hours later trying to thirst my quench (those ones who are having trouble in understanding me I am talking about sex)

I hear my husband coughing and I get up and go, that is it!! we need to stop for a while (STOP!!!! What the fuck was I thinking, stupid women!)

Anywho, again as I am out the front trying to rake the millions of leafs off the ground into the garden bin I started to hear my once silent mind start with you idiot!!

Then on top of that my mothers voice going are you stupid or something think about what your thinking (yes still talking about sex) your vivid mind is not what society wants you to act… SLUT!!

Then deep inside my vast mass of emptiness (well, it was sex i was thinking about and wanting desperately)

I then start this story of my stupid past and blah blah blah, anyhoo, cut a long story short or I could talk about what we where doing.. or we could of done or.. oh shut up women..!!

I swear some women should just shut the fuck up and get fucked.. literately!! ME

If you want to hear more or my version of dirty send me a comment.. and say.. well what did you end up doing last night???

hehehehe….. dare you to send me a comment..

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