A letter to my Husband

To my Husband Courtney,

My beautiful man who listens to my sob stories, hears me winging about stupid stuff that does not exisit anymore!!

Who supports my crazy ass, who at times only thinks of herself..(trying my best not too) I trully am grateful for you for everything we do together..

I want to tell you this..

  • I am grateful for your love, support, honesty, loyality, sexual aura that I cannot get enough of..
  • I want you to know that you are my Everything and Anything that I hold dear to my heart and soul!
  • I want you to know that I will be your loving and loyal wife that I love being and I hold so dear to my heart
  • I want you to know that you before anyone in my life you are the “only one” that I truly care and love why?
  • Because you are Sexy, hot, imaginative, you allow me to think, feel and be whoever we Want to be together and as a person.
  • You are a Unique and Gorgeous soul and I will always have your back forever going forward (unless you hit me with a brick then I may not be that happy – unless I deserve it lol) 

When I look at you I see a man that is loyal to his true friends, family and those he loves and I applaud your capasitiy of how you do this with each person you meet.  Your mind amazes me and I am in the company of a man that has a vision beyond anyone that I have ever met in my entire life.

The energy forse within you is astounding and without a doubt you astound the hell out of me of the chosen and not so chosen words you use, I love your humour (some people probably would cringe however, I adore his sense of Monte Python is his Forse within)

Well, I will tell you why, you my have been by my side for over 20 years this year in fact we have gone through the worst and the best and I thank you with every emotional part of my being.  I have never met such a beautiful, kind, generous, soul like your’s and I am so privledged to be your wife.

I want you to know even when I speak about my past it’s nothing compared to my present with you the last 2 years you have shown me compassion, love, growth beyond I could ever could ever imagine and I truly love and are devoted to you.

I am not the best person in this world and I have to pinch myself that you chose me (although at times I must admit I trully have to say your CRAZY to be with me, but, I am so thankful for you that you are with me)

Now I will talk about how I will try and be the best I can be walking forward in this life…

Sometimes us ladies don’t give our BIG GUYS credit enough we tend to discount them and think.. well they know we love them.. however, as I just realised then that they don’t hear us say it enough!!

I love you dearly Courtney,

I love your Energy, humour, your amazing aura of strength and I applaud your kindness and I thank you with every inch of my soul that we are sharing our life together as husband and wife!

So, ladies, tell your husband that he’s hot, sexy, beautiful and amazing everyday, even those days that we think the opposite because men most men are trully beautiful souls for being our mates in life… Soul mates come in many shapes and forms and reasons and there are many couples, singles and we must be humble and thankful that we have them..

I love you today, tomorrow and forever,

Your wife that can be a little crazy, selfish, critical, insain, that tends to blame you for everthing however, I will stop being so negitive and start being more proactive and supporting towards your needs and feelings…

Please note we all do this to our loved ones… even when we think we don’t we do..

Love your wife.. Franny xxxx

27545379_10155274521252361_2423794367032349480_nHowever, Karma can be and will always be a needle in your foot… becareful what you do in life as you could possibly stand on a tack … teach ya for being an ASS

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