Good Inspirations about yourself – Turn your frown upside down… what are you left with :)

Here is mine!!!

I like myself because… we tend to tell the world how sad we feel and how bad we feel what we should say is what we are good at and how we really feel about people, ourselves and what we want to bring to our own lives firstly and of course what we want to bring to those who come into our lives.. this is me and I am proud of how I feel..



A wired person… ever heard a person being wired a little different..

Well I guess I am one… My mind is an open book, I have a curious mind , I love deep conversations about how we can change peoples broken minds to make them beautiful again.

We tend to forget how beautiful our spirits are and what we bring to the table of life.. we must love ourselves not in a selfish way but, more in a innerselfless way… so we can give out affimations of love and openess and all those wonderful things that life gave us..

We must give back everything that we want to back.. it’s our birth right to be the best we can by loving oneself and others and helping those love themselves…  We are here because life gave us this gift.. don’t waste it lovlies… give it out with an open heart.. and trust me it will come back in other ways…  Do something selfless

I love how ppl can grow and be the best they can be I hate seeing ppl sad, unhappy, hurt, broken, alone and many other feelings of sadness and grief.

This is how I am wired I love to help, laugh, hug, kiss, and do the best I can do for others.

This is who I am… I am happy with those I choose… in my life… if u want to be part of it.. open your heart and believe in something good.

Dont try and change yourself be you…that is what i am trying to be…

REAL….THAT IS ME…I cannot be anything other than me take it or leave it… I am not an ANIMAL 😉 hehe

Seriously, be the best damn person you can be…. and tell others who are nasty to go fcuk themselves… nicely but with sassy pants on… (okay perhaps that isn’t kind to say that… beacause at times we can only do the best we can if I didn’t say that then I am not being true to myself…now am I)

We meet good, bad and darn right ugly people who cannot see the tree’s within the beautiful forest and that is because no-one showed them their truth self so what we could do is help them see it.. then it is up to them to open their hearts and minds and see what beautiful gift life is..

If your real then let yourself be you and live it

I am not interested in fake I am not interested in money, nor ppl who have significance within themselves by using others I am only me..

I am only ME

We should tell ourselves about what our best attributes are instead of saying how low we feel about oneself..!

Remember your inner child… and love yourself because if you cannot do a simple thing like that … then how can you get better… or even help others…

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