My Angel Cards – My question to my Angels was Am I Loved?

Feeling a little low so I did my Angel cards and came up with these cards

I asked if I am loved?

Perhaps what I am asking is “what does it feel like”?

The reason I ask this question is because it’s a question that I have struggled with for many reasons.. I have struggled with it because I have not really believed that I could be loved or that I could understand it..

To many of you that might sound strange but for me it’s not strange it’s something that I lack deep inside of what that actually truly feels like.

Love is the ultimate emotion that we all must experience when i say i love you i truly mean those words..

But i now am more driven to discovering exactually what that beautiful emotional word of expression really is for me!!!

I tend to go onto my facebook page and I then write my emotions, feelings, ups, downs and sideways.. I express it out loud because something my tiny brain holds so many emotions that it can be a little busy upstairs and at times my brain gets rattled and it feels like … someone has picked me up and shook me so harshly that I get very upset with so much confusion on what is deeply inside me..

Sounds very shangrilar.. but, perhaps that is just how I am wired ?

Your comments would be fantastice for my own clarity about who and why I am here on this beautiful Island in the Universe??


One of those silly questions one asks mainly becuause when love is a little distorted by birth then you feel that why we do the things we do in life.. I guess that is mainly why I ask because for me it was a little different growing up..

The love was there I guess but, the kissing, hugs, and I love you’s did lack alot growing up and I feel a little short changed…

Maybe we attract the same kind of people because in our own lives we lacked the love we should have recieved as children.. I really don’t mean to sound stupid in saying it like this but, I guess I feel like I ask this question because I feel like I missed out a bit.

Anyway, not to worry, some of us meaning me tend to ask these questions later in life gees.. at least I am not 80 years old.. only 50 next month..

Thank you and I would really love you to comment …. thanks again..

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