Humble is as Humble does… Never judge a book by it’s Cover.. (love this saying)

His beanie or hat hoards a mass of dreadlocks; his beard is a mixture of silver and blonde hairs.

Magnus Walker is not what you’d call a typical-looking Porsche enthusiast. Sit him outside Kings Cross, and you’d be excused for handing him your spare change.

Yet the self-proclaimed Urban Outlaw has shot to fame as one of the world’s most prolific Porsche collectors and something of an underground hero for anti-establishment tuning of vintage Porsche products.

So how exactly does a scruffy lad from Sheffield wind up nestled in Los Angeles as an aficionado of Stuttgart’s finest?

The story begins back in 1977. England was an exciting place to be as a young ‘un – the Sex Pistols kicked off the punk rock movement, and a little film called Star Wars was about to spawn a whole generation of geeks.

But, for Magnus, aged 10 years old, 1977 signalled a very different kind of obsession. “It was the Earl’s Court motor show,” he explains in his strange amalgam of US twang and Yorkshire vowels.

“I travelled there with my dad, and as we reached the Porsche stand, I laid eyes on a 911 painted in Martini red and blue stripes.

The engine plaque read turbo, the spoiler was as tall as my head. I knew right then the Porsche 911 was my dream car.”

So, here is my views on why I do alot of posting… and here it is..

So, the motto to this story is simple… when I have millions and you all are sitting there wondering what the hell she is doing.. let me give you the hot tip.. everything happens when you least expect it to happen…

So, ladies and gents.. we all do things, we all look odd, sound weird and even to the point when we least expect it.. I am not saying I will be a millionaire fat chance.. but, inner peace is within and someone that wants to help you.. never tell them NO… because that to me is a rarety… indeed.. and NO Money in the world will ever replace human compassion, love and need to help others..

to me that is priceless….


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