Needs of “others” These Video’s will make you think something more than your OWN Selfish NEEDS!!!


Human Needs is the hardest Needs to meet

(my opinion)

Why would you EVER walk passed a child that is HOMELESS, I feel so selfish sometimes when I think about my past..

I think it is because when I see a child that requires help like this video I always, always think about my OWN NEEDS… which reflects to my SON’S NEEDS..

This gets me upset.. mainly because I know deep down that my own Story always comes up… I wonder what that means????

So, perhaps even though I am going on a Tangent… right now… let’s address this…. However, Let’s NOT.. just yet…..

Not yet…….. My own story will be said ONCE I define what My own story is.. but, for now..  I am learning with you ALL… so let’s begin to learn something that will HELP, each other Learn…

I want you too meet LIZZIE, so lovely and so humble… and so damn well BEAUTIFUL!!!


What defines YOU?????


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