I Challenge you to Feel and Be Real?

So, my lovely friends, minions, aquaintences and may other labels we love to slot into our Zone.

Well, as you know I am hitting the age of “Being Nifty and Bloody well 50”,  So, will all due respect it is my turn to Fell and be Real.

My husband and I have been together for 20 years this year, I adore this guy, he is handsome, very intellegent, he has helped many of his friend (well at least the ones that are true to him) and I believe that his loyalty towards one and not two or more is brilliant and admiral and every bloody great validating word I could use I would use for this beautiful soul.

I have met many beautiful souls in my life and I have also met some Ass souls as well (pardon the pun) however, bit my lip, soldiered on and allow people to walk, trod, stamp and fuck me over.. and even though my husband would not admit this I can actually take his rath and say you didnt deserve any of it…

We live as kids even though I must admit to have a great childhood you have to be totally honest with yourself… you take the good, bad and the damn well ugly things that we did but, our Monkey you which was 1968 was a bloody great year of shocking music of the 80’s, Amazing bands of the 80’s and the pubs from a Friday to a Sunday and even those thursday nights where full to the brim of the same lacokin raskals and most of us had a ball..

My husband has the most amazing photos of his mates with smiles from ear to ear and so he should do, he also has some love letters that I adore him having and when needed or triggered they do come out… however, I do have to push him to do this..




Because it’s part of his life and I love watching him talk about his past with his mates, exgirl friends, Rotto, Triatholons, working for his father the ups and downs and moments of sexual 80’s moments..

I embrace those chilled out funny, so bloody funny moments that he can actually laugh, smile and feel relaxed without feeling guilty for anything he has done in his life.

We all live to the best of our ability and those old sayings which I will go into in a moment are sacred and so true for example:

  • Will you go out with me?
  • Your dropped?
  • Ask her if she will be my girlfriend?
  • Whatever!
  • Cool!
  • Oh Derrr
  • Your such a nerd!
  • Excellent!
  • Kiss my ASS
  • Only Dags smoke Fags!
  • You Scuk Ass HOLE
  • Save Ferris
  • Get out of town
  • Spunk
  • Sllut
  • Your so gay!
  • Crikey Moses
  • Hairy Bunt (work that one out)
  • ACDC (Accca Daccca)

And those games we played as kids:

  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Murder in the Dark
  • Spot Light
  • Kiss Chasey
  • Your it
  • What’s the time Mr Wolf
  • there are more…

And our games we played (board games)

  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Twister
  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble
  • Tic, Tac, Toe, (knorts and Crosses)
  • Marbles (swap ya for a bolder)
  • Stickes (girls played)
  • Roller Skating (speed skate

I could keep going and going and going…. as you got older you then played strip poker, naked twister (some did not me) so many and I am sure you will remember..

So, the innocents of children, playgrounds where full, no mobile phones, to have a bike was the best thing since Tom Cruise came for a Roast Dinner, after TOP GUN!

Nite clubbing with your girl friends and driving home early (well I had too) god damn it it really was a great time in our lives I loved it for the little that I really had as a girl growing up in those times.. you see it was “The thing to be married before you could walk) joking well it was something to brag about..

Parents back in those days where harsh to some of us.. girls couldnt move out until they got married (me) and a few other friends of mine.. Boys, who actually had a bit of grunt and to the “Old Moldies” to go Fcuk themselves as the gave them the forks and met up with their mates to end up at the strippers or clubs or pubs..

Boys learning very quickly to be Men and Girls learning quickly to be long term girlfriends and eventually wives to their HOT SPUNKY Boyfriends.

Friends back in those days cherished every moment with you .. they loved your presents, some did and some didnt but, those who really adored giving you shit those mates you could say anything too and they would still love you for it…

Guess what…?

Well times change us we divorse we leave with our bitterness and baggage and we slander those who once loved us… some cannot continue and they leave this earth because some people are very cruel..

Sometimes after many years of perhaps being solo you become a little cinicle of others so what occurs is you feel that they lack “authentisicity”, perhaps they do, perhaps we have no idea what their real life is behind those doors that we close at night!

It’s interesting isnt it.. you start reading this and its about courage, its about loyality, its about friendships that are bonded from being young…

When you get to lets say 45-50 you finally realise they gone.. no longer available, you have a few that still hold onto calls and text messages or perhaps occationally give you a few moments of their time.. which you hold so dearly too because its rare right!

We are all guilty of this … ALL OF US….

Sometimes we get tired of playing the same song and finally you wake up and realised your playing it solo and no-ones listening…


So, my point is to you instead of texting… insteading of facebook….. do yourself a favour in the next few weeks and pick up that phone and talk to someone you miss.. or you would like to hear from…

Put in a bit of effort .. STOP BEING LAZY, PIG HEADED AND GOD DAMN YOUR PARENTS…. AND bring a little back to what you all where once….upon a time…

Ladies and Gents.. because our time on this earth isnt LONG

Bless Franny xxx


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