Erotic Role Play


Sometimes, one of the best ways of making things interesting in the bedroom can be as simple as a game of make-believe with your partner.

Make-believe only works however when all participants understand that if the girl felt like she ended up as the 3rd wheel and was really never given the benefit that her honesty and loyalty and heaven forbid her love was never validated ever… I really have to say why on earth did you even include her in your life?

Had no idea that TRUST is still an issue!!!

THAT felt like someone drives a dagger into her heart and laughed!!!

So much for pipe dreams… so yes kids do play with toys.. pity they made her out of clay because they didn’t trust enough to play.

As they say you can drag an Asshole to water but if the Dom refuses to Drink then it wasnt meant to be.

Always offer, ask, and with luck, love, trust, honesty and kindness.. they would be your best friend and love you to bits of you cared enough about her..

 This kind of erotic role-playing can really bring some creative life into your sexual explorations and create an outlet for expression that is unique in its nature.

There are literally infinite variations of erotic role-playing scenarios;

  • the only limit to what can be done with this kind of activity is the limit of one’s own abstract desires and fantasies.

People have come up with a great variety of different role-playing variations, but there are certainly still the traditional favourites such as police officer, school girl, and school teacher role-playing fantasies.

When preparing to engage in an erotic role-playing scenario, all participants should have a thorough discussion with each other about what is going to happen and what to expect with a given role-playing experience.

This kind of effective communication can help to ensure that everyone involved in an erotic role-playing endeavour will feel safe and secure during the event. For the benefit of erotic role-playing enthusiasts, as well as those individuals who feel compelled to try this type of exceptional role-playing, some of the basics of this enjoyable erotic practice will be briefly discussed.


Equipment Used in Erotic Role Playing

Many times in an erotic role-playing situation, having different types of props or sex toys available for use can be an enjoyable variable to have in the mix. Some people tend to believe that all sex toys and erotic role-playing props are created equal, but this is not always true.

This is to say that some sex toys can actually be made out of materials not suitable for penetration or other sexual acts; these models should be avoided at all cost.

The problem is that many erotic props and sex toys are manufactured and sold under the pretext that they are merely novelty items, and this way, manufacturing companies can use whichever cheap and potentially hazardous materials they want to in their items, and not be held accountable if someone gets hurt by their product.

For this reason, always make sure to research the different vibrators, plugs, massagers, and other sexual props and toy items before making a purchase. Always make sure that all of the toys and props that will be used for penetration related erotic activities are 100% able to be sterilised.

This can ensure that all of your sex toys and props will be able to stay safe and clean even after being used many times. Also, sexual lubricants can be an important component of any safe and healthy erotic role-playing adventure.


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