REDHOTPIE… Dating has changed.. go check it out if only Curiosity…

If you are not familiar with Redhotpie then I will tell you a bit about this amazing kinky and definitely Horney dating site that a lot of open-minded people love to go and meet new kinky-minded people and it seems to work wonders.

I love the forums you will notice some are dated and are a little old but very interesting to say the least I have learned a great deal and although you do have to put yourself as an available couple, it is interesting of how open minded you can become if you allow yourself that kinky option.

This lady which I will not name put a bit of a winged about a man she met to hook up for sex this is what she said for advice…

I just had a fella over for some Friday night fun (I’ve been messaging him for a bit, and he apparently loves eating girls out so I was keen to meet him) and it went the usual way again.

Started kissing, then I move down to give him head for about 10 minutes, then he gets me to hop on while I’m dry!

He didn’t touch my breast or butt, or anything during kissing or oral sex so it feels like I had no stimulation what so ever! 

In the end, he couldn’t keep it hard so I just said let’s stop and I got dressed, He got so shitty he spat his gum out on my floor when he left! I’m puzzled!?!?

I’m a little overweight but he’s seen my pictures and it’s the first thing listed in my description.

I have good hygiene, I shave my pubic hair and I just had a shower before he came over.

I don’t understand why they say they love to give Oral sex and then don’t do it!?!? 

I guess this is a little bit of a rant (I’m so angry about this guy spitting his gum out on my floor! Like what a dick!)

But, I’ve been wondering for a long time if I’m the only one this is happening too? Where you give and don’t get back. 


Here were my thoughts and responses to the above angry unsatisfied young female

So this content is very interesting because firstly the girl is very young so her young bouncy ideas are if I do you, then I expect you to do me.

So, her anger was that she found that because she did him, well, then my opinion as she is extremely naïve with her sexual understanding is that “or you could use the old term of “Do unto others as one would do onto you”.

But, in fact I was a little alarmed about the poor fellow and his obvious uneasy awkward and guilty behaviour I would have noticed alarm bells pretty much straight away I would not have made any suggestion or apparent no attending to his nether regions now I do say this because I am much older, wiser and very much the foot is in my mouth before you can say hello..

Call this behaviour (mine) what you want but provoking his already uncomfortable demeanour wasn’t going to raise the post anytime soon by his lack of sexual chemistry or more not happy being here and I refuse to take part of any type of emotion.

So, what I said to her to use this as a experience if it had affected her slightly or more than that she should go seek help and then leave this alone because at the end of the day his business is his and his manner was definitely something that “triggered” his anger towards her in such a rude and how dare you manner.

When we don’t truly understand ourselves and those episodes occur often this is an alarm for yourself to know that not everything is all well inside yourselves especially the  “mind”, now this powerhouse of a gift that we all have is very powerful indeed because it does store your past, your present and until the day you die.

You really need to understand that triggering an episode of this type being anger and unresponsive behaviour is about perhaps therapy and understanding your path of where your walked so basically if this occurs ongoing then this is definitely a defining moment that your mind is surely trying to protect you or tell you something this probably is best known as the Subconscious that loves to protect you, and sometime is quite the little bastard that makes you go Warning, memories are in your vicinity.. so back away from the smallish lady that is demanding sexual needs to be filled.

So, because we are only taught what we know we don’t ever think further of our own needs as humans in that kind of environment she was simply going I swap spit with you, then please do the same back.. AMEN ha!!

My thoughts are some young naïve learning she was very lucky that things didn’t go pair shaped further and he left and all she is left with the anger of him not closing the deal.

However, not so easy for him and his needs as he probably is aware but, as a man rather than ask which is valued as a weakness he will probably shelf this experience and do the same as her .. blame her for his behaviour.

Because what you don’t know is what you don’t know right……and that is sad because as I know how difficult it was for me when I had triggers, I went into a very deep hole of guilt, self blame and basically total mayhem of confusion because I never was given those beautiful gifts that can help thousands of people live a wonderful, sassy, smart-mouthed life like me now.. (mind I need to perhaps learn to tone that mouthy sassy, smarty pants behaviour down)

So, if this story ever triggers a healthy memory please use it and recognise that they could need help.

Hope I explained this story to you.. would like to hear from you if you enjoyed it or not.




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