Sexual Fantasies, ‘tabboo or not to tabboo’, what is your Fantasy?

That my friends is the most healithiest thought you can let your mind do to your body!! A curiously beautiful open sexual mind is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!

What have you got to fear if you have a dream, or perhaps a thought while day dreaming and it happens to be on the sexual fantacy side of things then ladies and gents you are able to open your mind to more than you think!!

Why on earth would you deny your mind to wonder about fantacies that excite you, excitment is a beautiful feeling, emotion to feel it opens those parts of your brain and retains memory of what could be a possibliity in your life.

These feelings, thoughts and desires are perfectly normal and very erotic and helps with your confidence to be a little more sexier and sassier when your mind is on that “wild side of thinking”.

I personally believe in sexual healing, I believe we don’t allow ourselves that possibility to experience and believe that sex is healthy and sex should never make you feel embarrised or ashamed of yourself.

So, click onto the above and have a listen she goes over a few areas that I like…and she speaks about sex as a normal activity and it is.. however, we tend to deny ourselves of allowing our minds to wonder…

We are surrounded by people who are offended by others that openly talk about their sex lives, mainly because they have never been taught that sex is a beautiful mind, body experience of unlimited desires and your all should embrace this and experience it.

What is your sexual fantasy and if you “could” would you do it as a porn with your partner?







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  1. I won’t say what my fantasies are, but I agree that sex is healing and natural and nothing to be ashamed of

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  2. Rare .. probably true about rare… I come across a bit harsh rude or both?

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