Question Time: What Is Love?




Before I do this I came across this via ward clever’s post

Have a view you will notice that I have pretty much argued the point with this lovely person who allowed me to use his post because I found it interesting..

I noticed most people stayed within the either A or B answers and explained themselves the reasons why.. then you have Me, a very irritating, annoying and most of all opinionated female that seems (rolling my eyes typing this) to make it her business to argue and decide to look outside the box by challenging these two answers.

So, I am hoping that some of you or at least a few of you will answer this questions he posted however, I am going to put a few “other” answers to his original post.





Question Challenge – think about it for a while, and then answer. Stare at the picture if you need to. This is purely hypothetical, of course, so give a hypothetical answer.

A real, genuine hypothetical answer.

Would you rather be married to or exclusive with

A) someone who doesn’t love you?


B) someone who you do not love?


C) Explain why you could not do either of the above?


D) My want is just SEX so, I do NOT NEED to love a person to do so, if you answer this one you must explain why you answered this..

In other words, is it more important to love or be loved?

What do you think is the difference between loving someone and being in love?

And do you think it would be harder to tell someone you love them when you don’t know if they love you, or to tell someone who loves you that you don’t love them?


So, above is his question to his blogging mates… what is your thoughts on the above?

I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to hear from you on these questions via comments

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