Closure of my past.. Embracing my Soul.. Allowing myself to be FREE…

Today is my 50th Birthday and I have to say to you I am loving every god damn moment of it… Why?

Because I now can say my past is finally rested… I feel really happy and I do understand that I may still get a few moments of lapses but, that is okay!

My own personal journey has been quite something and if it wasnt for my own strength and the person that I am today and have always been I have to thank her for being so strong and courageous for being her..

I am very blessed to have the most beautiful souls around me that love me and to be perfectly honest that is exactly the amount I want.

My present mind and soul is at last rested and my future hold so many amazing beautiful things, friends, loved ones and many awakening moments with a Window of Wonderful, Beautiful, Experiences, my life going forward will be experiences of love, living a life full of lifetime moments and loving and engaging with people, places, and most of all with my husband who I adore and I thank you for your love that you have given me for all these amazing years.

And to new beginnings with whatever it brings… I promise to you my future that I will embrace whatever I feel, love & experience it is time for me to be totally present within myself so, this is what I will be looking forward too… something beautiful so be open and embrace what you never know could be … and that is all I have to say to that bit… I will love and embrace whatever life presents.. so be ready we are in for a huge ride…

You see loving oneself is foremost, loving those that are around you is second and living a life full of amazing experiences is an experience that I cannot wait because that is what life is all about.

So, embrace your past and let yourself live a life full of Love and Laugh everyday because tomorrow may never come.

I love you beautiful me, let your soul be free, Happy Birthday you are one hell of a crazy chick who love so many and embraces so much xxx

with my entire love

Fifi – she is back and staying xxx






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