Who is Watching YOU??

If you have one of those friends who thinks they are being tracked by I dunno, perhaps Aliens.. then I suggest you watch this video.... Handy tracking numbers that will revile ALL... https://youtu.be/OYKPvPbm2jA   Watch this Video and track who is tracking you on your Mobile Phone.. Did you know that anyone can get your … Continue reading Who is Watching YOU??


The Disturbing Reason I Always Cover The Camera On My Laptop?

https://youtu.be/ycZwIMMEZus   Always, put sticky on your Camera just in case someone is watching YOU !   The above Video is worth watching.... Becareful  ... https://youtu.be/DZUFs1y6Ego


https://youtu.be/97voLwiAlqQ   We are in a WORLD that seems to be surrounded by Fear, Worry, Anger, Money, Envy, Betrayal, Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Blame, Jealousy, Hostility, SADNESS.. WHY? WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU HOLD ONTO SO MUCH GRIEF?? So, why is it on every news site it's all the same Bullshit.. All the same... … Continue reading STOP THE NOISE… START THE MUSIC..

Want to raise your children with a Open Heart?

Here is the lastest books that I would suggest with raising your children with a Open Mind, without judgement, with love, a willingness to "Change Mindsets for a Beautiful Future". While there's a growing awareness around the importance of prioritizing gender inclusivity in young kids, taking action on this topic is often tricky. There are … Continue reading Want to raise your children with a Open Heart?

Today’s Horoscope say’s it all!!

My star sign is Taurus, how true is mine today I seem to fall back into OLD patterns of my past self which is "When will I be betrayed, why do I feel like I am all alone". Those two statements above are so TOXIC.......   In moving forward if I don't keep reminding myself … Continue reading Today’s Horoscope say’s it all!!

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