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Who is Watching YOU??

If you have one of those friends who thinks they are being tracked by I dunno, perhaps Aliens.. then I suggest you watch this video….

Handy tracking numbers that will revile ALL…


Watch this Video and track who is tracking you on your Mobile Phone..

Did you know that anyone can get your personal information and read your private messages?

We’ve gathered the most useful codes for smartphones all in one video, together with some instructions on how to detect intruders.



We are in a WORLD that seems to be surrounded by Fear, Worry, Anger, Money, Envy, Betrayal, Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Blame, Jealousy, Hostility, SADNESS..



So, why is it on every news site it’s all the same Bullshit.. All the same… Crap of how we can change but, NO ONE IS CHANGING????

Why is it that I have to write about my past to satisfy people who ONLY will respond to me if I write that I was RAPED!!!

OK, FINE… is that what it will take to get anyone on this WORD PRESS to respond???

Say that I was Raped 9 Separate times in my entire life span… would you even read it?

And I am 50 years old…

My life story is MINE and it does not Define me .. we live in a sad world full of sad and empty memories of nothing.. we hold onto something that isnt present but, we allow it to kill ourselves within ourselves…

Why is it so important that we subject our short lives to something that someone did to us????????????

This isn’t living a full life.. this is allowing our bodies, our minds, and our loved ones to watch us self distruct and die or even worse Kill ourselves – All because we could not…






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For me I have No other choice …………..


I have no choice but too.. or I too will DIE….. so please,

Change and FIGHT





Want to raise your children with a Open Heart?

Here is the lastest books that I would suggest with raising your children with a Open Mind, without judgement, with love, a willingness to “Change Mindsets for a Beautiful Future”.

While there’s a growing awareness around the importance of prioritizing gender inclusivity in young kids, taking action on this topic is often tricky. There are now dolls that nurture boys’ empathy, and schools are working harder than ever to address gender inclusion in the classroom.

Another great way in is books. We already know that reading aloud to your kids has a myriad of benefits, so why not focus on books that center on gender inclusivity? Here are seven fantastic reads to start with:

Here is something I came across the internet – I especially love the last book below


Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World


When a storm rips through 12-year-old Ivy’s town, she loses a book full of illustrations she’s drawn of two girls holding hands. The truth is, Ivy has feelings for another girl but doesn’t feel comfortable admitting it. Before she knows it, the drawings are appearing in her locker with mysterious notes encouraging her to open up about her identity. Order Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World here.


Whether your child doesn’t identify with one gender or another or has a gender-nonconforming friend or classmate, Neither is an excellent book to promote understanding and inclusivity. Neither is a creature that hatches in the Land of This and That, which only has two types of species: yellow birds and blue bunnies. Neither is part bird, part bunny, and struggles to fit in in a world where it seems every creature around it is one species or another. Order Neither here.

Marabel and the Book Of Fate

Think princes are the only ones who can save the day? Think again. In Marabel and the Book of Fate, Marabel is forced to fight trolls, giants, and fairies in a (s)heroic effort to save her brother, who has been kidnapped by an evil queen. Order Marabel and the Book of Fate here.

Teddy’s Favorite Christmas Toy

Teddy’s favorite toy is his well-mannered, fierce, and stylish doll. But when he tragically loses her one day, his mom must go on a mission to save Teddy’s favorite toy—and she does everything in her power to reunite Teddy with his treasured doll. Order Teddy’s Favorite Christmas Toy here.

Julián Is a Mermaid

While riding the subway with his grandmother one hot summer day, Julián notices three women dressed up as mermaids. He quickly begins daydreaming about working up his own mermaid costume but worries his grandmother won’t accept him if he does. This fun, colorful book grapples with big questions about identity and gender. Order Julián Is a Mermaid here.

Jerome By Heart

Want a book that celebrates intimate closeness between two boys? Jerome By Heart tells the heartwarming story of a young boy named Raphael who deeply loves his friend Jerome. He talks about him so often, in fact, that it drives his parents crazy—but that doesn’t put a stop to his undying love for his companion. Order Jerome By Heart here.

Pink Is for Boys

Blue is for boys and pink is for girls, right? Not in this empowering picture book, which encourages kids to express themselves with every color of the rainbow, not just the ones that have been assigned to them. Order Pink Is for Boys here.

Today’s Horoscope say’s it all!!

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