Awareness of ones self

My internet is down at this moment so let me make this brief I wanted to share something beautiful and a little hopefully not so late.

Time and understanding ones self is an amazing thing.. however, when we travel throughout ones life we must be aware of ourselves that we don’t hurt those people we love in our current life.

And that is what I hope I haven’t done Its important that we do things with awareness not with our blinkers on.

No matter how hard we try we can potentially be harmful without us understanding that life is or isn’t depends how we see things. 

So in saying this I am now aware my past and it isnt my current life experience and that is one hell of a relief.

So, in moving forward in our journey I wish all the Angels going forward that life is and will be a hell of a ride and for that.

I thank you, with all my heart and soul AND I hope that with time we live it freely with an open heart .

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  1. Fabulous at any age!

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