All The Weirdest Recent Sex Trends

Oh, wow, please read this, cuz it is probably apart from my 4some confession is the most interesting post today oh yes, and my sister post that was pretty good too..


In the same way technology needs an update every so often, so too does life.  Trends come and go, sometimes they return and more often than not, they require some time for people to acclimate.

The same goes for sex.

A subject that’s more or less a universally shared experience, sex, like anything else, can grow stale.  So, also like anything else, it updates.

Sexual trends can be fun, they can seem off-putting, but when embraced, they can make sex feel new again.  Keep reading to discover all of the weirdest recent sex trends.

What is the weirdest sex trend you’ve ever heard of?

 Let us know in the comments!



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