Finally I get it… So, let’s Enjoy it…

These last few months I have Opened my eyes, Closed my eyes, so many times thought that my life was over I have cried my eyes out, I went through every emotion known to man.

And let me tell you I even thought about ending my life all because of many factors in my life and each one of them valid and some not so.

Sometimes when you try so hard in thinking that your okay and you dive further and discover that alot of experiences good, bad and just horrible can and will harm your beautiful life all because of stupid errors of trying rediscover your youth, dreams that you feel are being stolen because of aging or perhaps lost moments in life when your heart was distoyed by stupid mindless morons that think drugging your meal, drink so their way of connection or sex!

I have met some beautiful people in my life sometimes when you try too hard you find that you start to make the most stupidest errors a friend of ours said, ‘When a person cant find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with Pleasure”.


deep-quotes-about-life-quotes-about-life-also-cool-life-quotes-quotes-about-life-deep-quotes-life-make-you-think.jpgThis quote upset me but, to be perfectly honest I didnt understand the meaning behind it when you find people who are simular to you and you enjoy each others company you forget those exemptional qualities and sometimes before you even can blink your life has changed within an instant!

Your inner person starts to change if your a person that can be drawn to experiencing designer drugs for example, you then with time your mind can be lead astray by means that you really don’t understand or even phathom.

We all at one stage of our lives get bored, want to live a life forfilled with love, experiences, unique opportunities and we all can do this but not with enhanced dangerous drugs that ulter your entire life to the point of perhaps loosing friendships, marriages, jobs, families.

Nothing that could possibly close to real connections, long beautiful conversations and most of all loving sexual experiences that we all can have, do and enjoy just as well without using harmful enhancements of Eutopia!

For me my mind enough without the above however, I would not refuse a experience with a Trip that could possibly enhance my creative naughty mind ha! (sort of joking)

Harmful drugs are out there and you must exercise caution Meth, Ice if you wish to call it will destroy your life and those you love and you will see a very interesting feature with drugs like this.. it is designed to play on your insecurities, harbour unexplained senarios, that make no sense at all, you will watch people stagnate, bit like ground hog day over and over and over until you wake up and say FUCK THIS.. I am over this shit!

Enough is Enough, so as I am just saying what I have seen remember this if you are not strong within yourself you will and I am not lying about this part .. You will lose everything you have, you will lose your friends, family, job, house, partners, children everything within a small moment of your life…

So, Wake up and Smell those beautiful roses you planted out the front of your house and water them daily because if you don’t my beautiful friends, family and loved ones.. you will lose yourself without you seeing it.

I must admit life is an unique and utter experience so please do it the right way or you will miss it .. LIfe is about living, loving and if your lucky enough experiencing the most epic opportunities that this world has to offer and the only way you are going to do this is to OPEN YOUR EYES and WAKE UP…

So, my lovlies are we going to Enjoy what is left of our youth with a better understanding, a live full of Growth and learning things like we have just woken up for the very first time?

Well, rather than exisit in this life we must explore, grow within ourselves and those we want to take with us in our journey…. You cannot teach something without experiencing it.. and if you do not experience it then you better be a bloody good mechanic….. because life is what it is…. a world of opportunity so many experiences waiting for each one of us.

Enjoy your journey because when that combination is worked out.. then you can begin living a full beautiful exeptional life…with LOVE…

Without Growth in anything in life .. we do not enjoy what we are born to experience.. So, get off that couch and do it… before it’s too late..

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