“Mens Sheds”, I prefer “Man Caves”

They have suddenly emerged from dusty, weed-choked, cobweb-covered obscurity, home of rusting tools, greasy engine blocks and the occasional redback spider, into avatars of the kinder, gentler face of the men’s movement, such as it is — a new bastion for the former Iron Johns who once beat their bared, hairy chests around campfires and hugged it out while tearing the tops off baked beans cans with their teeth.  GRRRRRR, sounds so like sexy right? Actually, not really (keep reading)

What is so special about the humble shed?

According to the modern Men’s Sheds (Man Caves)  movement, if you look inside you might see several men making furniture, perhaps restoring bicycles for a local school, making myna bird traps, fixing lawnmowers or making a cubby house for Camp Quality to raffle. (see below click to read more, if not read my comments)

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According to Candii which is ME……

This is what my husbands Man Cave sounds like and see that picture red one that is me dreaming of what it should look like!!

Well if you do you wont see it in my husbands Man Cave, he has a TV, a few tools including himself I might add (love you honey) a Table on wheels of course yes, I said wheels!!!

He has two fridges, yes 2 fridges one for the beer (really?) And one for his Steak, sausages, and of course that gourmet evening dinners, he also has the normal messy stuff that has a place in each pile of crap, tools, wheel barrow, rake, dogs, beds and a picture of 2 naked ladies (mind you it looks like his study) mess untidy and darn right, close that door when people come to visit!!!

Now I personally think my husbands Barbarian Man Cave should look like this… Beautiful right, with a touch of RED velvet .. you know “Game of Thrones”, rip off clothers and tie me to that 4 poster bed!!! (sigh, nice, just dreaming about me tied to a bed ……..)


So, men what do you think MENS SHEDS should look like?

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  1. Ooh, I like the red velvet idea.

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