Moving Forward… with Strength, Peace, Love & Courage…

The posts and pictures will be of a better future moving forward growth is an amazing thing so many things are amazing they are even better without the noise that stirs around it your head or “did” in mine.

I have many things to say about how that was removed I think sometimes the best words are kept silent.

I have a lot to learn and I will learn them I need to praise myself which I seem to have neglected it seems alot in that sentence alone.

Even though I do love to chin wag, have a laugh, and perhaps stretch that sense of sarcasm on an ongoing level from time to time I do believe I am a little over my protection of sassiness.

Sassy is good as long as you don’t over use that sense of brashness that I end up using which of course I do enjoy immensely.



So, time to reflect take in the good exhale the negative and remember to breath now and then when things get a little fuzzy.

We are only human I guess… or we could be like the Matrix in tiny little pods used as batteries (see my witty sense of terrible humor even creeps in like Wanda my subconscious narcissist)

Hope your weekend was an epic one…

Stay safe peeps xx

so instead of 1 quote I put them all… enjoy

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