Happy Birthday… Jordan x


A Letter to my son who I have not seen in over 15 years…. with so much love… so here is a little of me to you…

The above picture I wrote within the first few months mainly because it took me that long to write it or even could write about you….

To be perfectly honest for 2 years straight I cried and sobbed in the arms of Courtney before I went to bed..that was the only way I could fall asleep… 

Time passed and I would then do my own silent tears… every day, every moment, and every thing I am saying is true… 

Never think for one moment that I wanted you to leave always know that I did try very much but I also didn’t have any strength in me left because I knew it would take so much to fight and I was so tired of fighting life.

You always where in my heart, in my wicked prays, and definately I had a eye on you even when you had no idea that I didnt…

I knew by looking at you your body, soul would never be able to fight between your dad and me as your mum, and frankly that would have been the most selfish cruel thing to do with you… you had me in you… at that age.. And to be honest I barely survived back in those days plus, I knew that both of them would have been challenging that is what I felt..

If that wasnt the case then “thank god”, I could tell you so many true things about you and me and why I did what I did.. but, never, ever think for one moment that I never thought about you baby boy.. Every day of my life.. and will do until the day I die.. because that is what great mothers do.. they realise that it isnt all about them..

You are a Unique and beautifully talented, strong, male and I am so damn proud of you for being who you are… You might not think that I do understand you or how things are or perhaps where but, mark my words I know more about living a life 1/2 full than anyone you will ever know.

So, keep doing what you are doing and do it with a happy beautiful future, no guilt, worry or a feeling of perhaps whatever, life is very, very short and from the day you where born you will always do things your way… And kiddo so you should..

Do it for YOU……..live your LIFE and love, love, love……

Here are some pictures of you … Happy Birthday handsome…. and might I add a Chef… very, very beautiful.. xxx


Here are some valuable lessons to learn…

There is an old saying in the Roman Catholic Bible, that is this  “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

Do you know what happened?

No-one could raise the stone at this girl who sinned (her sin was she had sex out of marriage and was labelled a whore)

So, what that means is No-one is without sin, think about that one because that is life really..

We are all so quick to judge, label, tell people that they cannot do things because.. bit selfish don’t you think?

Imagine someone now telling you how to live your life? I wouldnt.. forget that one…. 

If life was so terrible why so many SMILES?

Remember one side is one one side… and the biggest life lesson for you is yet to come Jordan, life is about living it, not about being something you are NOT… just because someone told you too…

You are strong, brave, a amazing chef from what I can see from Perth, that takes dedication, alot of time spent in a kitchen peeling potatoes, over and over and over again.. I did do 12 years in Hospitality and your Great Grandmother was a Hotel owner so we both should know.. bless her heart.. her birthday is on the 31st October (HA)


Remember the Jones, will always be the Jones, You are unique we are Strong, beautiful so trust your heart and never second guess it…

Trust your strenght it got you to where you are and heading..

And one day make sure. you STOP and smell those roses.. because roses are 2 things wild and free with amazing unique scent or they are home grown and can only live because someone fed them bull shit….


Love and warm thoughts your mum….. the real one… Franny xxxx

I did say that I wouldn’t over do this however, I ran with it… go figure…

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