CHANGE NOW..Before it is too late..

Firstly, this is writen by my own opinion and my life experiences of people, family values,  those beautiful values that have been within us since time began, marriage, unity and love of a couple that

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Which are these:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Love
  • Loyality
  • Chilvary
  • Honor of one another
  • Devotion

Those  values and many more are our back bone of being a honest, open, loving and loyal person this doesnt mean your ego driven, nor does it tant your ability to understand other areas of the unexplored it just gives us a stuction of how we portay ourselves as decent human beings, that we respect one another and treat each other with a bit of kindness when it is needed the most.


You see these you could call them old , new whatever they are still strong character structed beliefs that have been handed down by decent human beings.  So that life can be structed with at least some parial understanding of what we expect within each and every person we meet in our lives.

Of course this isnt always true I am not here as a person to preach something that I am not educated on I can only preach what I am educated on and of course what I have experienced in my life and seen in other peoples lives.

The reason I am bringing these virtues if you wish up is because our Society even though we have seen wars, people dying of terrible circumstances by man, women and even children of our own… so in our Society we must maintain either religion, that gives us faith to have a belief in and that perfectly fine.. and those who don’t and those who have there own way of understanding life to live it the best we can.

However, every person on this Earth is and will always be uniquely created and that is absolutely amazing let’s face it if we where not built with a mind of our own, an opinion, a personality to be able to speak, talk, leacture, teach, listen to and watch then we would have all been born Robots right!

So, weather it was religious beliefs, a spiritual understanding, the universe talks to me, budda, hindu, and all other religions, and all other languages and all other lands we are born in make us Uniquely wired.

So, as we grow through our years of evelution please tell me why we seem to be stuck?

I want to understand that isnt it our right to thrive, grow, learn from each other by understanding that togetherness and being united as a whole is far better than being judgemental, critical, ego driven, selfish, nastisitic, hateful, resentful, so many other labels of denial I cannot and will not type them here.


Are you not sick of these stuck, soul destroying, screaming with every bit of your soul trying to say something that people just dont want to believe or want to give you any worth of Validation…??

I am so sick of listening to the same bullshit words that will never make you happy, that will never make you laugh, bond with others, listen to those that may have some kind of understanding not because they are telling you stories of the same old fashioned none moving, judgemental crap we have heard since the medievil times.

  • Do as I say not as I do???
  • I am smarter than you and I say it is so??
  • A man and a women must do this to be decent..
  • A man and a man if they do this they are sinners..?
  • You are black, white, grey, pink, gay, str8, tranny, lebians, lipstick lesbians, bisexual, drang queen, queer not to mention these new ones… A sexual, Pan sexual, tran sexual, and the list goes on and on…
  • Lists of what we are.. lets put  us all in pigeon holes…

If you have a kink your a slandered with being strange, sadists, molestors, dominators, dicatators, submissives, slaves, sluts, fuck knows what… ELSE are we going to do to stop us being free of what we think, feel, love, desire, want, fantasise about or even dream..

If you think it we will slander you into a label sized opinionated, bitch, mole, slut, gay, str8, etc, etc, etc.

My point is… I have a past that is to some either fun, dull, boring, exciting, sad, tragic, pitiful, forfilling, loving, wonderful, thankful, good, bad, horrible…

But, we don’t ever change.. and when we do .. some of us get scared because fear creeps into your heart because of our values being broken and that to me is sad..

Why on Earth would you want to break people into pieces just because you Don’t understand something that could possibly be freeing, loving, amazing, true??

Why is it that we judge so harshly on one another?

Why is it that we put each other through so much pain, we watch some of us cry with full on tears because we who don’t have that time to take or want to understand that not all of us are the same as Every person who decides to take the easy way..

You know what that is…..?? Denial of Belief !!

Those 3 words are I dont believe you because…..

I doubt your true to yourself because…..


I have never met a person that wont prove me wrong that they are scum… because…

I am YET to meet someone that says… okay, why not, lets give it a go, I like you, I know you, you have all those wonderful old fashion values that you use everyday.. but, never yet Have I seen this to be true………

Why is it so hard to just allow yourself that ability not to label, judge, slander, accuse, disbelieve … why cant we just believe???????

Why do we keep making people beg, prove, test, why do you all have to be so HARD, if you want my opinion why our young kill themselves its because we are HARD, HARSH and WE ARE SEVERE AND VERY INTENSE NASTY HUMANS THAT JUST .. go into their groups and debate and hesitate and never give each other positive validation, a pat on your own back nor do we embrace each other and just love..

We are too hard, we are too nasty we are just darn right stuck !!!

And without hope, allowing each other to go okay I had it hard, good bad or awesome not most of you even comment on posts because unless it benefits you and you alone.. you will just like.. because something inside you thinks that I will judge you .. or others will slander you..



What is it that I have to say to you that you believe I am true to my word?????


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