The Train was coming .. A father and Son story…


Never ever think that life is a given, we live short lives but, some live even shorter lives, those lives you have to think about before yourself.

When you are a single parent you do not have that luxury of slacking off you have to be Mum and Dad.. when you do this with your children something has to give.. right!!

So, sometimes if you look back especially those who one had 1 parent or some children had none.. so you must understand our lives we are living right now may not be here tomorrow..

They say a person who does the ultimate sacrifice which is biblical it means it will come back to the Earth and you will see the miricle that occurs through this!

That isnt word for word however, what that means though which I have to say is harsh, sad and very sacrifical it just means help others and others will help you which could mean that what ever you did to help… You will see in time that it is worth it.. This movie is intense… and very sad however, the meaning is real…. LOVE…..



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