Why is it so hard to just believe someone!! Let your Armour go… and risk by being seen… we are worth it..

Did you know most comedians suffer from Mental Illness?

They use laughter and Comedy to heal themselves or you could say level themselves out..

I get it.. I always mostly always use humour to soften my heavy talk.. because a SMILE, Laugh, and giggle will always change your frame.

I guess when I rant it is because deeply I am a passionate, loving, giving, maniac, and I will never change … I am full on and sometimes I will be the most sadest little girl alive..

But, that is okay, and I wont allow others to bring me down.. Why?

Well, that is because I worked extremely hard at fighting for it.. living and breathing for it, sacrificing myself for it… and another thing.. that only thing I ever asked back was you to listen and believe in me..


Why is that so difficult..?

Maybe it isnt me.. maybe its you…  I get so much out of Energy, compassion, hard efforts and ongoing earning to help, I find some people fasinating because.. why , do I have to have a reason?

Do you have to have a reason to like, hate, be annoyed by me… we all have a sad story to tell… everyone on this earth and it hurts.. do you think when we retell our stories it will change?

Nope, same story, not as sad, you say I get it you had a hard life.. boo hoo….

If you told me about your life… I would hug you , love you and embrace you into my life forever and I would never say boo hoo..

see what I am saying… help others…. by doing this you may funny enough help yourself..



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