Friends with Benefits aka (F’Buddy)

Hey naughty people it’s me Candii,

So, this is my favorite subject or it used to be when I was “Single”, kinda miss it actually, it’s like having this male friend with no ties, and feeling so free to talk about anything with and know all the cards are on the table!!

I like this.. why?

Well, a lot of reasons, I guess it was back in those days before I met my husband I had a place to hang out, be myself, know that the person enjoyed my company as well.  We would listen to music, discuss our problems, turn to each other when we had things on our minds and laugh and laugh and laugh.

However, the Friend with Benefits can be a little tricky, as you do form a bond with them and without you even being aware it is possible that it could become more than just F’ buddy I guess, I cannot lie!

I dunno, anyone you end up in the sack with and become in-termite with is potentially going to get close, even me, I have to curb my jealous streak, as it is in my nature to be that way inclined, however, through my years I have curbed it to a “shrug – whatever – attitude”, mainly because if you even want to make each other jealous than, that is just immature and darn right rude in my book!

Once this occurs in any relationship, friendship, marriage then it is time to leave and say give me what is mine you grommet heehaw.. in other words never treat one another with the I dont care about you attitude because that is just crap!

Let me tell you a story, I remember hanging out with this amazing tall man, let’s call him Johnny Depp, now he lived in this BIG house, I swear it was haunted, brilliant artist, and slacker in finishing anything.  Anyway, here we are upstairs listening to music, taking rude pictures, mucking around, innocently, he,he and having a fun time, then morning comes and I stroll down to his computer to do some work.

Knock, Knock, of the door, and a lovely small Asian girl, asked where is J Depp, I said, he is upstairs, go up and see him, off she goes, have no idea who she is and SMASH of something I had no idea what it was… 

Now she’s upset, see’s me and asks to speak to me, here I am, still oblivious of what has occurred and I said, with a grin, yup what’s up! (cut a long story short)

I discover J Depp, is seeing here, which I had no idea, didn’t really care, or had that oh my god, which I didn’t, cuz to me I was single and cared less whether she was …

However, still, I did feel for her, as I did say that he and I were just friends, I had forgotten about the naked poloroids upstairs, but, oh well, oops…

And it turned out Mr J Depp, had some further details that I wont mention that perhaps was more to the story, which I wont mention either, geez, Mr J Depp, naughty, naughty, boy for being greedy.

Oh, well, life is life, I do have many more other stories about others that I called F buddies, but perhaps another time to tell them..

Ps… BTW.. I never use real names and I may make it a bit more not the above though… the above is correct except a few things… just for you JW.

OOps… Cheers, Franny (aka Candii) xx


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  1. It’s funny me now as I am… much tougher I think to be flippant..

    My feelings and other people’s feels are VERY important to me..

    Frankly, I don’t think that anything like having someone I care about would be as easy as it used to be.

    Because I guess I do know that my heart feels and I could never go into a friendship with the same mind set.

    We both would get hurt… that would upset me terribly xxx

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