Men also suffer in silence…

Men need Love.. they need US ladies to love them…. so love them please..


Hey there ladies Candii says, 

Don’t be hard on our MEN….. they are beautiful and we need to embrace them and love them and tell them everyday just how beautiful they truly are to US and our children….

 I have all respect for MEN love them, they live in a world that us women tend to be very particular about our dear beloved men.

We never give them enough, say enough, love them enough and personally we should do MORE, Love them MORE, Make love to them more, show them we are proud of them more.. I don’t believe we do this enough… in our lives..

Love our Men.. because they are worth it……


Because they are truly beautiful souls, apart from being hot, gorgeous, supportive, warm hearted and some are even toasty to the touch especially at night when your cold they are perfect to snuggle up too… ANd they love us so what else do we want…. seriously??


Do you think I am right???? 

Please add comments on what we can do to help our beautiful partners….. Suggestions on where they can go for help (if they cannot speak to us then lets help them find a place they can speak too)



Watch this beautiful lady hosting this news piece… love you for being open and honest…… be true to yourself.. ladies and gents.. and get help them

If you know someone suffering them or suggestions please add it to this

Call beyond blue 1300 22 4636

or Speak to Me Candii….. happy to help you …

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