Hey Nightmares and Dreams, Candii here,

My Dream….that I had woke up at 2am..

After a heavy sleep and a huge think about life and people….

I came up with a thought… Imagine a Cake that tastes amazing but, the cake by looking at it isn’t perfect!

Perfect … what is perfect?

Perfect means this:

non-existant thing that people try to live up to or find in someone or something. perfect doesnt exist. No one can be perfect because everyone has faults of some sort. the only thing that will ever be perfect died on a cross two thousand years ago.
Guy: I’m looking for the perfect girl– ya know, big boobs, blonde, smart and funny, doesn’t argue with me, skinny but not a stick, a little shorter than me– ya know,totally HOT. 
Friend: And how do you think you’re gonna find that?

Everyone, in our Societ is in search or want to find something that is non exisitant, I don’t get it really, or let’s say back to the cake thought process so this person made a cake that tasted amazing it was so amazing in his mouth that he shared his cake with his friend and his friend went mate this is sooo good..

However, the cake for him friend was not what he thought was the best looking cake he had seen or perhaps he was a tad what’s the word… oh, yes, he thought okay, I bet I can immitate that cake (which basically means he was as keen to make a cake or get a cake that tasted just as good but, his mate wanted a bit more to the cake by saying, I recon we can do better than this if we add a few other ingredience to it!

Mates will be mates right! They all stick (get it sticky cake) together one afternoon in the kitchen to perfect that imperfect cake that was made!

Now we all know we can make a cake better looking (just like we can alter a girls or guys imagage by perhaps clothing, makeup, cosmetic enhancements) I am all for those girls and myself even to get big boobs that isnt the motto of this nightmare I woke up too..

I read this blog just before I went to sleep it didnt upset me nor did it make my mind go WTF, what it did do was… it disappointed me!


People often do things for the greater good or perhaps they forget to be a little more kinder to those who have suffered and even after hearing all things hideous about someones life they still manage to fuck things up!

Noise in a persons head .. I wonder how this ever starts.. well, unfortunately, it started by human hand, or a human violent voice, or someone that hurt them now wants to hurt you all those years ago..

Or maybe it started because people just don’t seem to do enough to understand how things should be.. greed, envy, jealousy, stupidity, lust, want, desire, are all about ego and never ever happy with what they have.. people always want more in life!

If you think back when time begun Adam and Eve times, the tree the forbidden tree of knowledge and the tempting snake of evil luring Eve the female to the tree making her desire to eat this apple of knowledge all because of wanting more and never ever being happy with what you have..

Now, if the story was of innocense and the story was also a little imperfect what was it that was not right about that scenario?

  • Perhaps the story was based on someones idea of what Eve respresented, she was born with no knowledge of “want” the floor to this story was this..

If Eve at the apple off the tree of Knowledge then why would she do that?

Eve, had no desires of “want” according to the Holy Bible (Roman Catholic) so she would not be lured to eat this apple from the serpent (the devil) so, what really occurred for Adam and Eve, sounds stupid perhaps and the story it’s self could be more to it (are you understanding this?)

Everything can and will always require something more – because people in generally are greedy.. we will always test it, others and try and make something that is imperfect, perfect!

Anywho, what a story or dream…. after getting out of bed after a heavy sleep thought I would share that above.. and if anyone wishes to coment on the above I would love to hear it..

Good night, from Candii xx

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