Don’t read this.. its me abusing society and having a winge..

Doomed if you do.. Doomed if you don’t…..

Wow, I am a little angry and very disappointed in others that seem to say a lot and for some reason leave me less than convinced that they are being real themselves.

I hate to finger point I really do.. but, for some reason you people seem to love to label, gossip, laugh, think those who went through so much is less than your trouble.

I just don’t understand … you…..

What is it that seems to be so unbelievable, but yet you are still here… go figure, what on earth is wrong with you… it isn’t me your stopping passed to see.. it is actually yourself because either A. Your not quite convinced that I am telling the story correctly or B. Your looking for some bullshit lie that you seem that I will vomit out of my frigging ass hole??

I don’t get it.. let’s retrace your life sweet heart and tear you apart once again, because frankly I am unsure according to all my own insecurities about my own life (talking about you all) I am perfect (YOU)

Now, I must be a slow learner or I have an issue with society because frankly it’s been so lovely to me.. or I have issues with men, women, oh I dunno, pretty much everything that moves right?

So, please tell me what language I am speaking?

Please tell me that my life has been the best of the best.. and list each time you firstly know me? which you don’t, even give a rats by reading this? which you don’t, or will you even remember my dribble next week Sunday with your family.. I doubt it..

Just in case you missed it I typed a number… look up to find .. it


20 minutes later.. well thank you for reading my shit.. first time you took the time to do so…. and I bet a comment will be out of the question…??

Just in case your friends see you put a comment against a crazy angry chick that has given everything and all she is looking for is a bit of old fashion manners and a splash of kindness…

Pity next time ask me to my face what you think about life… ask me how I feel about you, ask me what my thoughts are about sexuality, humanity, depression, water.. (through that in…just like the number)

If you wish to understand something… as if she will tell you when her mind trying hard to understand herself.. at least she is trying to give it her go..

But, whatever, judge her, belittle her, and make her feel worthless, because guess what society.. she does not give a toss… because no fucker gave a toss about her..

She walked alone.. who was your partner that you took along for the bullshit ride to laugh, hurt, and make her feel less like the rest..

Congrats Society you win… medal in the post with ASSHOLE written all over it..

Proud moment peeps



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