To a Dear Friend… and Loved ones…

Hey Candii here,

(Before I type this I wanted to say this, when you can’t identify a strong emotional feeling by name and you know it’s how it feels or makes you feel effortlessly well, that is love saying your worth it so take my gift back and make sure you 3 never give up because. it is called LOVE)

I wanted to share something with you on a few things I have learnt today, when people use language including myself you must realize that if someone doesn’t like what you say then they do have the right to voice it.. or in some cases stay silent.

The reason why they need to voice it is on many levels and that is tone, sound, how you word your words on higher and lower, it can and maybe very destructive to others.

I have noticed including myself there is many people who suffer depression, PTSD, trauma, anxiety, have been hurt very badly, including rape and I detest using that word.

Sometimes when we share our views on our personal environment (me included) can and will either hinder, hurt, make others feel less than what they should feel, words on a blog, email and even a letter sent you must understand that if you talk with thinking your better, or knowledge is more personalized with a topic you MUST expect others to read it and state their view.

I spoke to a family member today and without going to far into it .. I realized that tone and manner not to mention that dismissed attitude that I was once fond of for many years “did effect me today”.

I write mostly about stupid idiot rubbish which I will delete with time once I get my thought process together I must use better language and I must be present and I must understand that what once was my thought process isn’t now..

I know this so much I can taste it…

I wrote about Friends with Benefits, who am I kidding, I am using my heart, soul, and feelings and I have to be bloody honest, how hard would that be for me now..

Bloody hard, I am now awake, I know I can and act like anyone, with a loose tongue and a attitude that no one is close to my heart.. what a load of crap!

If I consider you as a friend how the hell can I separate my feelings, my heart, and how my head is, I know me, why do you think somethings are hard or difficult for me..  nothing good is ever easy.. so make sure you do it for the right reasons and not just something your doing!!!

Because you could hurt those you love and that they love you..

Risking my self seemed so effortless in my younger years but, not so easy now in my older years.. I really have to take in how I feel about those individuals and my own feelings so I am trying to understand with frustration sometimes on how that is set.

Set and Settings remember – take this as a compliment because yes, once upon a time thank god in my past I could be like “don’t care” now I do.. and I love being like this however, its very scary for me.. perhaps that is a good thing.. it means more, real and many other flavors, levels and feelings that once was is back and present.

I would be totally and utterly devastated that I had hurt anyone that I care about with my words that I use now, because that really isn’t me.. That person was me when I forgot to use my heart.. now I use my heart.. and it hurts if I hurt another person that I care about.

Remember words, are important, so when you say something, do something you make sure you do it for the right reasons and never , ever, take any of it for granted.

Because life is too short, yes, and too beautiful to use bad language just to prove a stupid, pointless banter about bull shit..

Love, your life, Live it, if you don’t like what another says on a blog then send him/her to buggery because at the end of the day.. you will only invest in those that understand how others feel, how others would feel if reading anyone’s blogs..

So, from now on.. meet me half way so at least I know I am not going to hurt myself or others going forward.. if not I get you and love you anyway xxx


So, I had to say the above because it was on my mind and people on these blogs can be insulting, rude, shameful, hurtful and quite cruel because using words of expressing what they think is there feelings well I am sorry it can and will be cruel to those we care and love, dear friends, husbands, wives, partners, and even family.. so be mindful of using better words and think before you type..

So, with Love I say….once I lost that emotion by being numb, slowly it crept up behind me and said, hello remember me .. and I said, I remember you your Love)

Awww that is so cute….

However, if your a nastisistic asshole please use those correct words as that is actually what it reads… sorry… fellow blogger..

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