Stop dis-empowering yourself because someone said something that made you feel less than..

This blog post was for a person that allowed those people to effect him


What does it mean to be a warrior?

There’s a quote by Chogyam Trungpa that I really love: “The essence of warrior ship, or the essence of human bravery, is refusing to give up on anyone or anything.”

So when I use the word “warrior,” I mean it in the most loving way a Masculine way, just because your like it both ways, why beat yourself up over something that isn’t anyone else business but your own…

It means that I’ve cultivated and continue to cultivate a deep commitment to myself and my happiness. In doing so I continue to expect the same from those around me.

How you live your life is how you live your life.. If you wish to tell the world what you are then do so… but, own it.. it isn’t about being gay, straight, Polly, Tran, lesbian or all those other horrid labels that society wish to pigeon-hole everyone in..

If we didn’t have these labels and those judge mental, opinionated people we would have something else in our world that those people will still pick on to winger about..


I hold you fully capable of owning your Inner Sex Warrior.

I am a female who is very open-minded, I detest people who slander and control others by putting them into a box because they said so, those horrid people are venom and probably those people have more of an unhealthy life themselves in other areas.

Not my business, and I will give you another hot topic to run with.. If I was a man I definitely would love anal…. which according to society this is bisexual? 50% gay WTF??

Those people who finger point, name, label and blame are not my business and I wish them well, however, they don’t hang out with me anymore..

Thank god!!!!

Candii xxx

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  2. I had no ideA about this thank you xxx

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