Have you ever heard Someone Say:



I am okay, I have Dealt with:


  • my husband or boyfriend beating me up ?

  • I have dealt with a child never returning home?

  •  I have dealt with my daughter suicide?

  • I have dealt with being raped?

  • I have dealt with an uncle molesting you?

  • I have dealt with loosing a my unborn child?

  • I have dealt with my son, brother, sister, child dying in a car accident?

  • I have dealt with my child being murdered?

Have you ever heard that old saying…

Everything in life comes with a lesson or a blessing?

Well, let me tell you that I know exactly what it is like…. I have had a few unfortunate traumatic experiences occur and if I could turn back time .. holy shit I am so amazed I am still living on this planet!!!!

10 fun facts

Let me first talk about 1968 as a child 

For me mine started very young, I was extremely emotional kid, felt everything, loved being a little girl, smiling, happy, painful to my parents, mostly my mum, just a normal little girl.

However, I seemed to be more emotional than most and that was for many reasons, I used to always be in trouble just like any other child, I guess, however, I seemed to always end up at the bike rakes stopping some idiot fool think they where going to help my brother get better (he had a slight disability – I like to say it that way because as a child he was just my big brother)

So, for years and years, a lot of kids thought because frankly they had no idea that having a disability meant it was permanent (stupid fools) and they thought it was an easy fix thinking it was easy to beat my brother up so it would shock him out of whatever these kids thought he had…

Seriously, I wondered if I was in the twightlight zone, or their parents never spoke about things like that.. which I do recall they didn’t ever!!

Anyway, I guess everything has to start somewhere in your life however, that wasnt it for me, that was just life.. and that seemed to never phase me it was just normal for me.

Without going to into my life as a child  – I have to say at times I did struggle, I struggled because I felt to blame in a lot of things that happened to me as a child and I was punished for them… mostly warranted.. some perhaps could have been dealt with a bit fairer..

So, I grew up with old fashion values, lying was never tolerated, so you would be punished, fighting with your brother well, that was a daily effort of normal I guess, so again, punished (lol).

However, on a serious note other things that used to occur like Teachers asking for you to come out of the class so they can touch your hair, (weird) and if you told your parents we when told that we must not tell fibs and to hold your tongue.

Other things occurred, disturbing things, that other children would do, like sitting on your head while a siblings pants was pulled down by other sisters down the street many things occurred or I saw, was done to me and again nothing ever was really believed.

So, as children you begin to say nothing to anyone and you walk away because no one will believe you and those times become harder because you cannot cope.. so you cry a lot or you seem to be labelled a sook.

Kids, will be kids, but, I have to say, 1968 kids, had it tough some of us I must admit..  I remember girls my age never allowed to go outside and play.. by their parents… after school..  many actually!

Those days was tough, I felt a lot of pain and fear going to school and coming home I guess, but, I put that down to growing up and healing pretty quickly because it never stuck long and we as children pretty much grew the hell up pretty quickly..

I guess, we never acknowledged things and we never spoke about things because frankly it was never heard of… so we shut the hell up!! and went on with our lives..

I guess what I am trying to say or at least paint for you .. it all depends on the severity of what you went through, saw or even was witness too and how your parents taught you.

It was a lot of fun, happy times, miserable times, more happy times, we dealt the best we could but, we never gave up .. most of us never, ever gave up… that is want I did notice as kids at school, after school and we played outside everyday.. so perhaps maybe that was the key of survival..  in those days..

Of course I am missing out of a lot of things that I have not said, but, this isn’t my point that I am trying to explain to you… that will come after I do my next post…

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So, I really would love to hear from those who are brave enough to discuss their childhood you can do it briefly like I did or in details..

  • So, What was your childhood like?

  • Was it like (children are seen and not heard?) 

  • And what differences did you find from what I explained above?





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