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When you don’t know something, Guess what……… Ask?

Ask and you shall be told!………….

My God and more my God!………….

The things that we think we know about life and then find out that we don’t really know!!  WTF, and where the fcuk have I been all these years?

I have a feeling I am definitely a chick that has no bloody idea about much and to even think perhaps I did understand everything?!

Go figure!!

I feel like this 50-year-old virgin, how revolting!!!

What bloody rock have I been under all these years? Shit, I feel sorry for my poor husband who obviously is in need of someone with a bit more experience that little old me, and I say this will every inch of my “what I had thought was experience in life, I am now beginning to understand I have none”.

Shaking my head from side to side as I write this to my little viewers that are still holding onto a hope that I will say something amazing!!!  Do yourself a favor and unfriend me cuz nothing great is coming out of my mouth anytime soon, let me give you the hot tip!


Let me explain what I am trying to say

I was doing a bit of research in the sexual understanding of late and asked a few questions on a dating site and I must say I am a little shocked at me.. and the little that I know about people, places, ideas and most of all just general chit-chat!

I have discovered something about me.. and that is I am a 50-year-old virgin with no bloody idea about people’s sexual thoughts than eve picking that stupid apple when God told her not too…

Stupid women!!!

Not so funny and to think that I have ideas makes me want to puke into a bucket and say for crying out loud women, you dumb stupid female (me I am talking about) what rock did you crawl out of and why on earth are you thinking about Sexology, far out do I have a lot to learn…

Crikey, shit, fcku and all those Manish words that I love to use out loud at those who piss me off, well, back at you Franny gal, you female who thinks she knows it all!!

What a load of crap, I have no damn idea, and to be perfectly honest… what was it that makes me go… oh yup, I too can do what you can do… 

Bull dang!! Crap, shite, every naughty word I could use I want to use right now!!!

Far out, how frustrating, and how annoying!!!

Now, what do I do?

No wonder my subconscious is called Wanda, I wonder why the hell anyone on this Earth would be interested in a short, nasty, opinionated, annoying, painful cow like me I wonder what my mother did to have a child like she has (me I am talking about)

Well, I never, and I haven’t it seems at all.. go figure.. I am as much experience as a fish out of water has.. and you and I know what can occur if you do this with a fish…

The bloody thing dies…

For me to even think I would be a good Sexologist I have to say I have not enough time on this earth to experience what life has to offer and I am not sure with my excuses of how I may or may not do these things will even get me there..

All I can say before I smash everything in my household…. is crap, crap, and more crap!!

So, the motto of this post is… never say you think you know something when obviously you don’t have a flying clue!!!

Apologies to those that I thought I knew it all … guess what?


And the way I am going probably will never….  and to be honest deep down that isn’t a bad thing I might add .. damn it!!!


Not happy Jan, aka Franny, aka Candii.. oh, for gods sakes…. crap!!!


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