Menopause Crazy Head has Landed!!

I have menopause and I seem to not be coping with seems to be a lot of things lately my dad’s sick and I seem to be avoiding seeing him, plus, also just most things these days are very hard for me or perhaps I am making them hard.. or harsher… than normal..

Not sure what my brain is doing but, it seems that I am having a few areas in communication or communicating of the third kind perhaps..

Nevertheless, we must soldier on to bigger and brighter areas …. like ironing I believe ironing my husband shirts these days is very therapeutic do you think?

Not to mention trying to do my counselling diploma is getting on my toes, or I should say even trying to read one sentence is becoming harder than climbing a truck filled with marshmallows?!?!

So, there is no truck that drives around with marshmallows??

Oh, crap!!!

See, Only joking lol

I am sane just a little out of my depth currently need sleep, really good drugs, and perhaps a weekend of good old fashion sex… alot of sex… ?!?!?

Okay, perhaps sleep.. damn it.. prefer oh never mind……

Anyway, back to the men-o-pause … what does it mean, well, easy it means that a female that is on the edge of the following say it again Dwarves:

I do love the last one…..Psycho….


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