Sassy…. Oh, really TINK?!?

Is it men or is it me??

Is it that men see sex as a slab of meat?

Or is it that I am a girlie girl and thinks about feelings, emotions, connection, and long walks down a path lit with “tinker-bells”?!

Perhaps I am a chick that likes all that stuff??

What the?!?!?

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We look at life with or at least some people do with open eyes then you have others who may not be aware that they are not doing the same thing or they think that they are…

Okay, perhaps I have grown up with rose coloured glasses on or have I?

I wondered today why am I so shocked?

I don’t think I am really, however, perhaps a memory block or two, three, four, friggin who knows, anyway, isn’t it interesting while chatting to someone or a person  (was it a person???) who obviously looks at the world as like going to the butcher and asking for meat that either is prime or bulk… who know’s ….. (hehehe)

Maybe, I feel too much and Men don’t??

Interesting Sex, love, sex with obviously no motive apart from slipping it into a hole and saying after sex… thanks that were nice… see ya next time??

That would leave me empty and hollow (get it hollow?!?)

Or am I being a bit harsh on our mere men of today??



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