Men and Sex, go figure!

Right, how do I start this post with?!

When you think you know men, well let me give you the hot tip ladies, there is no way on this earth we will ever understand the male when it comes to sex!

And praise the Lord that we don’t there are some things that are best not too as ladies we do love unexpected fun, entertainment, however, we are also a pain in the ass as we do tend to want to design it, figure it out, estimate the timing, and not to forget pretty much organise and the whole nine yards..

Am I right?

When you think you have it all worked out .. the world ladies, oh and men, well, let me give you the hot tip, why on earth would we?

Spontaneous as I wish sometimes I was, which I thought I was, turns out perhaps given too much variety it tends to be a bit drab!

I think we should take a leaf out of men’s books and go yes, do it their way, perhaps we may be surprised because my way is more like the highway, and frankly, my way is probably boring as batshit!

Are we doomed if we do? or Are we doomed if we don’t?




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