Music is the melody of growth


I love and adore music it’s really quite something when you either want to chill out or maybe understand how your feeling even when your subconscious had a twilight Moment” at her parent’s place as a realisation!

Whatever the moment is sometimes it is a cure and at times it will draw yourself back especially those words that could make havoc with your subconscious bloody Wanda!

However, apart from chatting about my parent’s visit, I’m good, however, I seemed to have locked in 2 days in my hometown to help with my sick dad.. which is good but, I will need positive tunes on the way home I reckon lol.

As I thought dad was a tad annoyed for me not visiting as he has been subjected to negative, bad vibes, however, we do create our own and “again, what we don’t know is well, we just don’t know, right”!

Words, meaning and emotions are very tricky and not so you have to remember what you feel and say to another must always be the truth or as much as you only know!

This world is very directed by opinions, families, partners, peer pressures of life I guess that is the best way to say it..  When you retrain your brain to be positive it seems easy and it is, however, you have to back yourself and understand that at this present time we are not being hurt, we are safe and what is the truth is best said out loud!

You might hear me say words like truth, trust, feelings, emotions, these feelings cannot be made up of bullshit the reason why I say this is because if you really look at it why on earth would you lie, kid yourself and cheat yourself of our own destiny?

We are all human beings living in such a young logical society that still believes in “old fashion opinionated beliefs that limit peoples minds and make them feel bound to believe in nothing but, something you can touch!

I believe everything in life should and will always be something you cannot create unless you put in your whole soul and this has been built by my own inner strength I believe that if you do discount your feelings, emotions, and things you think you understand sorry that is just not possible!

So, how do we do this?

  1. First thing…. from today onwards you will promise yourself that you only talk the truth, without judgement on yourself, and only say it by what you think you understand it by!
  2. Second.. you have to stop and tell those you are doing this will “I am struggling and I need to understand if I am correct or incorrect?”
  3. thirdly… your journey is yours only..for you if you embrace those around you that is fine but, you cannot blame those that are doing exactly what you are doing!
  4. fourth… you need to change your language, to do this you need to read, many, many books on positivity, relaxation, meditation (I couldn’t do this one)
  5. fifth… don’t be hard on yourself.. if your on your journey of understanding you allow yourself to open that part even if it makes you feel strange, strange is good, angry is an emotion, however, please always, express this to your team or loved ones that you are struggling with a few areas of either a past trigger, present or even just feeling anxious because it can be a little dangerous if on your own!


I could go on and on.. mainly because I have gone through a lot of my emotions, and still will until the day I die, just noticing that they are getting a little easier to deal with..

TRUST YOUR JOURNEY, because if it wasn’t meant for you, you would not be on it so chillax and enjoy what may be the best experience of your life!!

Oh, yes, If I can do it… you can do it… so just frigging do it and glide down that path or yellow bricks like Dorothy did LOL



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  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing this, Candii! ❤️xx

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