Sweet Combination…

There are some things in life that you just cannot explain nor would you really!!!

Imagine that you discovered an excellent way of communicating how your really wired and you stuck to your thoughts, feelings, ideas, as strange and definitely outside your own comfort zone, not to mention others that you felt, something just was right and for no apparent reason known to man you just allowed it to be..

I would say to you greatly, excellent, brave, bold, respectful, caring, gentle, passionate, persistent and even look at these other words, definitely, a lot of desire to be different regardless on how it seems to societies policies of living correctly on this Earth.

However, you have to do a few things before you do the above and that is you need to be honest with yourself, have a section in your brain to perhaps question whether that you are present which you definitely need to do and that is present.

Your probably wondering what on earth is she talking about I am talking about your beliefs and the way you feel when you are around your parenter and how you both try in our own ways to be clear with each other is very frustrating but very respectful, determined and both have a lot of passion and belief (psst well I do .. he well, I would say a little bit stubborn lol)

The key to living your life is finding your like-minded partner and friends this my friends can be on many levels but, I will be honest with you always learn from past events, and trust your beliefs and your partners because you both where drawn to each other for reasons other than destiny and only those who decide to be your closet friends with stay and either do a few things.. be very similar or become those who each other loves…

LIfe is all about embracing those around you who gave it their best to give back to you .. why?? well, because sometimes those wonderful open-hearted friends, family members or siblings love and care about each of us and that my friends are enough to just take in 1 persons we do not need many to satisfy our thirsty brains…

I think values, have been around since time began and a good person is a good person, and we all know what an ugly one is don’t we????

So, this is my advice going forward love with every inch of your being, be true and honest when you tell a story about yourself and never lie because your only cheating yourself life is about attracting those that want to be in your life and for those that don’t well that is okay too…

Everyday, is a new day and Every moment well, has not happened.. so chill, stop and definitely smell those roses for a while so you can at least understand how you got to stop in front of them..

Love and best wishes a happier life is coming.. why? because we all deserve it and that is okay… so enjoy every moment of your last leg of your youth kids….


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