Deflecting from oneself, is it good or bad?

What is deflecting?

Well, it is a behaviour I would not call it a good behaviour especially if it is used to deflect your own issues over to another person because your not ready to deal with them or you’re that full of yourself that you think your shit is worth smelling??

Sorry, I really had no other way to describe this personality trait, the behaviour of a parent’s bad attitude but, in all, it’s discounting your own life by not allowing you to be present!

And I guess it is a bit of a cop-out to shake off your rude responses by blaming someone else that isn’t growing that is just being childish, don’t you think?

I guess at times our patience does well, it ends up going “for crying out loud”, get with the programme, however, all of us on this earth learn differently and we must remember that if we are still breathing oxygen by the time we hit 50, well, give yourself a bit of a pat on the back for making it!

My husband and I have been together for a long time over 20 years and married for 10 I believe this year, so if we have not killed each other (which I am sure we have thought about this many times during our years) which is good I guess!

However, I have to be honest I adore this man, he is really a beautiful inside and at times when he uses this ability by being his true self he is gorgeous throughout his entire body.

We are all the same it all depends on many factors, how much you love a person and how much you listen to them by hearing and watching their behaviour when they tell a story about themselves.

Stories are valuable tools because they form a pattern of how your true behaviour really is deep down inside your soul I guess that is the easiest way I can explain it to you.

However, that is how I am wired and I am aware that other people are not like me, they can be similar but that is the beauty of being uniquely individual!

I will say we all have many flavours about ourselves, some good, some terrible, some just darn right nasty but, rotten is something that is completely revolting and as you get older you realise that sometimes nasty is better than being rotten, right!

Anyway, moving on, we do the best we can with what we know or understand and our basic needs in life must be ticked to at least give people time to grow because let’s face it our teachers where our parents, grandparents and in some families they didn’t even have that luxury.

We forget those souls who didn’t have that in their lives and that is something we all should be either aware of or at least understand that we are not alone on this big round misunderstood world called Earth!

So, as we live our lives those who have insight or are aware of others be thankful you have a gift like this and pat yourselves on the back and say, how can we grow in a positive light without losing ourselves with being selfish?

That question is difficult but, is it?

I often go through a realisation and every time I do I always think about how can I use that insight to help those who are struggling?!?!  That part about me is what I adore about myself, I always go wow, that is so cool now how can I use that to help another person who is suffering like I did???

If you at least can think in your head that is what you would like to do, well, then, you cant be that selfish now, can you?

And funny enough we can but, I prefer saying I hope that I am not like that!


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