Desires- A play ground for ADULTS…

Event Organized By  Desire Riviera Maya Resort


Submerge yourself in the Desire experience, a world of erotic pleasure, where fulfilling your fantasies and waking your senses is your only objective.

Lose yourself in the sensuality of a couples-only ambience, full of respect and intimacy, vibrating in pleasure without limits, where clothing is optional.

Participate in the inexhaustible game of seduction designed to enrich your imagination, while enjoying breathtaking views in extraordinary destinations, both land & sea, providing provocative luxury and sensual amenities for the perfect blend of ecstasy and eroticism.


World-class luxury and spectacular spaces create the perfect combination of relaxation and fantasy, with breathtaking views of extraordinary destinations, both land & sea.

Our clothing-optional concept offers intimate, exclusive spaces to meet new couples, and participate in the inexhaustible game of seduction.


Desire Mediterranean | September 2019


Playgrounds for Grown-Ups

The Temptation experience offers one-of-a-kind “Playgrounds for Grown-Ups”, both on land and at sea. Temptation Cancun Resort with its spectacular, seven-story superstructure, and Temptation Cruises, both cater to adults 21+, offering a vibrant, energy-infused environment for the chic, confident and free-spirited traveller.

A hip vibe is our hallmark due to the concept’s enticing atmosphere that is invigorating, and not to mention an insanely sexy amount of fun.


Our Brand’s signature spicy and adventurous daytime activities, trendy shows & performances, as well as world-renowned theme nights, all provide guests with endless options for high-quality entertainment, while fine dining and first-class accommodations, assure guests the most incredible vacation experience ever.

The temptation is a favourite amongst those seeking an unforgettable, adults-only escape.


House Rules


Desire Cruises is committed to providing safe voyages, so that all guests may fully enjoy their “Desire Experience”.

We ask you to respect the following guidelines throughout your stay:

  •  For the comfort of all guests, we ask that you use appropriate attire in all restaurants & other designated areas that are not clearly marked as clothing optional.
  •  Keeping the identity of our guests’ private is extremely important to us. For this reason, taking photos or videos in any/all of our ship’s public areas is strictly prohibited. Feel free to enjoy doing so in the privacy of your stateroom.
  •  Our Playrooms have been designed for sexual & erotic pleasure. We ask that you use these couples-only areas to fulfil your intimate desires.
  •  Please, treat all guests with the utmost respect, and remember the Golden Rule: “NO” means “NO”.
  •  Balance is important. Some like to rest while others party. After midnight, your fellow guests would appreciate it if noise levels were kept to a minimum in our ship’s corridors.
  •  We have created an open-minded ambience aboard our Desire Cruise, however, drug use will not be tolerated.
  •  Neither Desire nor the Cruise Line will be held responsible for items left outside your safety deposit box. Please, be sure to place valuable items in the safe.
  • Desire Cruises takes great pride in providing you with a safe, couples-only environment in which to enjoy your vacation. However, it is a firm company policy that all staff members are strictly forbidden from interacting intimately or drinking with guests. Doing so will result in their immediate dismissal.

***These conceptual house rules are in addition to all rules & regulations stipulated by the Cruise Line.

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