Part-time Job ladies, Gents?

Well, Ibiz, has announced 2018 Awards for the Best Cam Studio on this Planet!!!

And let me tell you if you ladies want to earn big bucks this is the place to be… it has beds, counselors, costumes, a video cam in front of an amazing bed for you to earn up to $25,000 per month!!

Yes, indeed all you need to do is look sexy, speak sexy, act sexy in front of a Cam and you will be paying off your mortgage, vet bills, counseling on going until you die..

I am joking actually about the counseling until you die comment, I think it’s not a bad way to make a buck!!

However, my suggestion to you is this.. make sure you do your homework and have a brain on you because words are just as severe as being abused so remember that ladies before you enter the “Twightlight zone”!!

Just make sure you can take a bit of abusive language from 12-year-old boys who will be watching you take your clothes off…

Love Candii xx




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